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 Technical Support:

For the fastest technical support service, use our Support Center form below to open a support ticket.   

Support by E-Mail:

Existing customers can E-mail Technical Support: support@juicedbikes.com

E-mail the Sales Department: sales@juicedbikes.com

For general inquiries E-mail: mail@juicedbikes.com or use the online contact form 

Support by Phone:

Note: For faster service, open a Support Ticket

Existing customers can call Technical Support: 1-888-303-8889 (Extension #2) 

Call Sales Department: 1-888-303-8889 (Extension #1)

Product Registration: 

Fill out the Online Registration Form to register your Juiced Bikes products.

Video Support Guides:

What's included with the bike (Video 1:15)


Basic setup guide (Video 2:00)


Insure Your E-Bike (Optional):

Check out Velosurance for quality coverage for your bike or e-bike.

Report an Issue or Warranty Claim:  Online Form
Printable Form: Download PDF (100K)

Download Product Manuals

E-Bike Quick Start Guide V3 - Web Version / PDF Download 1.8M 


User Manuals:

User Manual: ODK U500 (V3) Utility E-Bike for 2015-2017

User Manual: CrossCurrent Series Quick Guide

User Manual: OceanCurrent Series Quick Guide


Other Documents:

E-Bike Quick Start Guide V3 / Web VersionPDF Download 1.8M 

Rear Wheel Installation Guide (Basic) / PDF Download 823K

Rear Wheel Installation Guide (Detailed) / PDF Download 850K

Heavy Duty Front Basket (V3 Frame) - Installation Instructions / PDF Download 220K 

Tektro HD-E710 Disc Brake (Dorodo) Service Instructions / PDF Download 924K

SRAM i3 Internally Geared Hub Adjustment Instructions / PDF Download 2.3M

Charge Port Pin Out (4-pin XLR) / PDF Download 180K

Cycle Satiator Programmable Charger - Quick Start Guide / PDF Download 350K

Discharge Port Pin Out (4-pin Weipu) / PDF Download 180K

Fastener Specifications - ODK U500 V3 / PDF Download 95K

Complete Fastener Torque Specification / Coming Soon 

Delivery Box Installation Instructions / PDF Download 168K

Front Wheel and Tire Change Instructions / Coming Soon 

Rear Wheel and Tire Change Instructions / Coming Soon

Rear LED Battery Change Instructions / PDF Download 200K   

Manual: ODK U500 (V3) 2015-2017 / PDF Download 1.8M

Manual: ODK U500 (V2) 2013 / PDF Download 2.5M 

Manual: ODK U500 (V1) 2012 / PDF Download 1.0M


Parts List for U500 (ODK V3)


Battery Ports Information 


Fastener List for ODK U500 V3



Parts List for U500 (ODK V2) - Discontinued