HyperFat 1000 Watt E-Bike - On-board Riding Experience It's difficult to wrap your head around the HF's performance just by looking at the specifications. With double the power and up to double the battery capacity of the average e-bike, combined with torque sensing pedal assist, the HyperFat absolutely flies on the ground. We will post more videos of the onboard riding experience. 


HyperFat 1000 W MAC Motor Factory Visit


The MAC motor is one of the highest performance E-bike motors available today. We visit the factory to check up on our HyperFat motor order. 
The motor is rated for 1,000 Watts and can send the bike past 30 mph very easily. The motor is made with high quality materials to start, but also manufactured with great care.
The combination of the 1000 Watt MAC motor, our 30 Amp controller, torque sensor and our massive 48 V / 21 Ah packs makes for an incredible e-bike riding experience.
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HyperFat 1000 Watt E-Bike: Custom Wire Harness

One of the problems we encountered with building the HyperFat is the motor cable. The 1000 Watt MAC motor uses an external speed sensor while the Bafang uses the internal speed sensor. The MAC also has a temperature sensor and the result is more wires needed for the motor. 

Also there are a few additional cables for the speed sensor and LED lights etc. To give the bike a professional look we needed to make some custom wire harnesses. For such a small batch of totally custom cables we needed to call on a favor or two to pull it off.  

 Coordinating cable lengths with various suppliers


The cables are mocked up on the bike and then drawings are made for the cable supplier to follow. Once the cables are made they are separated out and sent to the various suppliers for installation onto each part. 

In this case we send the unterminated cables out to the Brake Supplier, Motor Supplier, Display Supplier, Controller Supplier and Torque Sensor Supplier. They solder the wires onto the parts and then send them to final assembly. Like a jigsaw puzzle, everything should go back together and look clean when installed on the bike. 

Unfortunately it is never the case that we get things perfect on the first go. It's just too many factors to align perfectly, so we iterate and eventually the wires appear more and more orderly. 


HyperFat - Pre-Production Update and Product Overview 

Here is a more detailed update on the HyperFat project. Tora gives a overview of the product and some of the design decisions we took. We also show a demonstration of the torque sensor which is difficult to capture on camera. 

The bike is coming together nicely and has amazing performance. We have ordered all of the parts for the Founders Series units and now working on the controller's software as we wait for parts to arrive. 

Over the next few weeks we will visit our suppliers, check up on parts and continue to look for ways to improve the product. 


HyperFat - Hill Climb and Acceleration Demonstration

HyperFat - Hill Climb and Acceleration Demonstration

Here we give a quick demonstration of the hill climbing capability of the HF1000's MAC motor. In the demo we use only the torque-based pedal assist system. Climbing such an incline feels almost like riding on level ground. Acceleration from slow speeds is smooth and linear. 

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HyperFat - High Speed Demonstration at 32 mph

After some adjustments to the software (more on this later), we were able to achieve our performance targets set for the project. This bike now runs at about 31 A (48 V) with a fully porportional torque sensor. Here we run the bike on level ground up to top speed using the pedal assist only.

It peaks at over 1,400 W briefly before setteling down once the top speed is reached. Here we measured it at 32mph with the GPS, but we have seen it as high as 34mph on level ground. 

This incredible machine is the Porsche Cayenne of production e-bikes. Special thanks to our suppliers who worked with us to make this project a reality.

Download GPS Track:




HyperFat 1000 W Frame Hits the Gym 

Before being signed off for production, each frame platform hits the gym to confirm the strength and durability of the design. Then between each production batch, frames are again randomly selected for testing. 

This platform for the HyperFat line is called the HF1. It passed the standard and then we proceed to run the test 2 more times before we were tapped on the shoulder and kindly asked to pull the frame off the test rig. 

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HyperFat 1000 W Pre-Production Shakedown Runs

We are doing some shakedown runs on the 1000 W HyperFat with the Panasonic 48V / 21Ah pack. Mostly production parts and the power is dialed back to just 70%.

The torque sensor is functioning beautifully with linear and uninterrupted acceleration. This thing is an absolute weapon and will redefine this category.

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Juiced Bikes 2017 Winter Production - Video Update


Court from checks out the CrossCurrent Step-Thru

Court from checks out the CrossCurrent Step-Thru. He also has a good chat with our founder Tora Harris about bikes and records some interesting insights about why and how the bikes are made. 


CrossCurrent AIRs on the way!

We had a little delay, but now the CrossCurrent AIRs are on the way! The bikes came out amazingly well and lighter than our design targets. Easily one of the lightest Class 3 e-bike available at 48 lbs. 

12 truckloads of various differnt e-bikes left the factory today. This shipment of AIRs and OceanCurrents was the very last one that finished loading at 10pm in the frigid cold. Now all of China is on the New Year's Holiday for 2-3 weeks.   

A limited number of Super Extended Range packs are aboard so if any Pre-orders want to change to the 17.4 Ah packs, we need to know ASAP!

The Panasonic 17.4Ah packs have double the range as the standard pack.  

Learn more here 

Now taking orders for the next production run to arrive in March-April.

Order now for just $1,095


Thank you for your patience!

Now some Pictures!

No BS!

Slightly Late, but delivered as promised and with Super Extended Range Pack availability! 


Juiced Update 10: CrossCurrent AIR's frames get welds, OceanCurrents finishing up paint

The CrossCurrent AIR's frame is getting welded. Since it is very closely based on the CrossCurrent, making them is relatively straightforward and fast. I have a little bit of time to discuss some details with the production manager and also check up on some sample frames. At the paint factory just down the road, OceanCurrents get some colorful paint and removable decals. These are going to be some really fun bikes. I wonder how long before they get knocked off?


Juiced Update 008: Juiced Update 8: Christmas in China, getting FAT, loading containers and more 

Christmas in China is getting more and more popular. We open the week running flat out. We swing over to the frame factory to check out the CrossCurrent AIRs, OceanCurrent forks and the awesome new FAT bike prototype. We also continue working a little more on the 21 Ah battery and other new packs. Back at the factory we load two more containers heading to the USA. Later we do some trial assembly of the OceanCurrent in prepration for the first mass production.


Checking up on the game-changing 48V / 21Ah e-bike battery pack

In order to go far or go fast, you need a huge battery pack. There is no way around this. Such a integrated pack for production bikes does not exist. So we have to design and manufacture our own cases, plastic parts and even frame tubes. It takes a lot of coordination with all the suppliers, but the end result is game changing.


Juiced Update 6: Getting new 3D printers for the new design studio 

I run over to Hangzho to take delivery and get some training on some big 3D printers for the new design studio. The big printers barely fit through the door.


Juiced Update 5: Packing up the e-bikes 

Packing up the e-bikes. After the bikes are tested, they are packed in a box with our custom foam inserts. The boxes are moved to the staging area as we prepare for the containers to arrive for loading.