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Interbike 2013 Report: E-bikes are here to stay

E-bikes made a big showing at Interbike 2013 in Las Vegas. This time, it as clear e-bikes are here to stay. It was hard to not be impressed with the e-bike industries' jump in quality, variety and performance. 

We had several pre-production ODK version 3's available at the test track. We logged 3x the number of rides compared to last year's tiny indoor track. Riders were really amazed by the improvements we made to the bikes.

The only question was, "when can we get the bikes?"  

The interest in this product has been overwhelming. We are in production now and making them as fast as we can. We will try to keep the blog updated with the production status and we will make an announcement shortly about pricing and availability.  

ODK Version 3 overview with Electric Bike Report 

ODK Version 3 overview with Electric Bike Reviews

Interbike 2013 Photo Gallery