Say Goodbye to Boring Commutes


Say Goodbye to Boring Commutes

Customer Reviews

Kenneth T.

Verified Buyer

Having ridden bikes by Rad Power, Electra, and Super 73, there really is no comparison to our new HyperScorpion Express in power and ride experience. We now have what friends are calling the "Lamborghini of E-Bikes," and are loving every moment watching it handle whatever we can throw at it.

Jason T.

Verified Buyer

The RipCurrent S is a pure joy to ride! The bike is so comfortable to ride and easy to operate. I love racing past the guys in tights on the road bikes. I don't really use the gears that much pretty much leave it in the highest mode and let the pedal-assist do its job when going up hills.

Michael C.

Verified Buyer

I've been using a Rad Power for several years and have been very happy. Recently switched to a Juiced CrossCurrent S2 WOW this is a lot more bike. Braking better, longer charge, faster top speed, much easier starting, more gears. Just awesome!

Milton L.

Verified Buyer

The HyperScorpion is a very nice e-bike suitable for cruising about Point Roberts, or for quick errands. So far, it has been excellent for short trips. This handy little machine has significantly reduced my car usage.

Warren W.

Verified Buyer

I purchased my Juiced Bikes HyperScrambler 2 to use as a second vehicle for commuting. I live 5 miles from my office and the bike's power and safety features make my ride so easy. I have not found a hill this bike can't handle. If you're hesitant about buying, don't be.

James C.

Verified Buyer

The RipCurrent was a great upgrade compared to my three-year-old Rad Power Rover. And the price was not much more, to get me hydraulic brakes for fingertip braking control, and torque sensors for more responsive pedal assist. I am very happy with this purchase!

Tom S.

Verified Buyer

Overall a great bike! Getting the dual batteries was the right choice, you never get range anxiety riding around the city on the HyperScrambler 2. All in all a good buy, no regrets about choosing this over the Super73 and other bikes.

Jeff M.

Verified Buyer

The CrossCurrent series continues to be a winner. When the new CrossCurrent X Step-Through was announced, we immediately ordered one for my wife. The bike arrived in just over a week in perfect condition, and 500 miles later there have been zero problems.

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