Free GPS Tracker with Select E-Bikes


Free GPS Tracker with Select E-Bikes

Customer Reviews

Edward H.

Verified Buyer

Great for short runs around the city. I've rode mine to work several times, excellent power response for hills and navigating in traffic. I’m thinking of purchasing a third RipRacer!

Patrick A.

Verified Buyer

I love my new RipCurrent S! I enjoy how the pedaling is intuitive and I’ve yet to have the dreaded range anxiety with the massive battery that gives me the confidence to just keep going.

Andrew S.

Verified Buyer

My HyperScorpion is amazing because I get all the fun out of a great transport option and exercise. The pedal assist makes me feel 'bionic' because I now go so much further than I ever did on a regular bike!

Beth W.

Verified Buyer

The RipRacer is so fun because it feels so stable, nimble and safe. I love the power and torque. It's responsive, tough, reliable and exciting. Of course, I'm in love.

Reed M.

Verified Buyer

Overall, I really can’t give the HyperScrambler 2 enough praise. Great job Juiced! Ya’ll have converted this Super73 rider, I am a Juiced man!

Michael M.

Verified Buyer

The operation of the torque pedal sensor on the CrossCurrent X is fantastic! The bike offers exceptional pedal assist to get a good workout on all the hills. Battery is exceptional too!

David L.

Verified Buyer

This Juiced RipCurrent S is amazing. The power to go up hills is outstanding. Riding on uneven roads is barely felt with the fat tires. Battery power seems to last forever!

Casey L.

Verified Buyer

I’ve had the Scrambler for about 6 months and I love this thing. I have over 1,000 miles on my bike and I've run into NO ISSUES!

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