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2009-09-14 Scout run by the lake


This was just a quick run to test a different GPS tracking app, make the initial trip on a new LiFePO4 pack and scout out this route. There was quite a lot of wind, but still a decent location to make up & backs. There is nice scenery and not too many cars. We will try to make more complete runs after the Asia trip.
Coming from high-performance sport bikes, I still find going in the low double digit speeds fun. More turns would be nicer, but you can't have everything. Music was added to the clip so as not to put anyone to sleep. The full trip video can be found here.    

The bike was set up with unlimited Amps and Speed. The App is MotionX :

The full version of the video available here: 

Full GPS data and map available:

Quick Stats
Distance: 2.22 miles (3.57 km)
Avg Speed: 23.49 mph (37.8 km/h)
Max Speed: 33.43 mph (53.8 km/h)
Avg Pace: 02:33 mins/mi. (01:35 mins/km)
Min Elevation: 403 ft (123m)
Max Elevation: 456 ft (139m)
Total Ascent: 62 ft (19m)
Total Descent: 68 ft (21m)