Best Cities for Biking

Best Cities for Biking

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At Juiced Bikes, we believe the best view of unique sights and cities in the United States of America comes atop two wheels. From coast to coast, the U.S. boasts hundreds of thousands of miles of trail built for those who love to explore the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy a leisurely pedal on paved paths, or if you're an adventurous rider who'll tackle any terrain, we've gathered a list of what we believe are the best places to ride bikes around the country.

In no particular order, these 20 cities are perfect places for Juiced Bikes to cruise and for you to soak up the amazing culture, history and natural beauty our country has to offer.

#1: Twin Cities: Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota

Minnesota has two bicycle-friendly cities right next to each other — Saint Paul and Minneapolis — both featuring dozens of parks and trails for riding year-round. Due to changing terrain and routes that weave throughout natural and industrial spaces, the trails throughout MSP are perfect for versatile Juiced Bikes.

  • Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway: On this exceptional 50-mile trail, seven segments will take you from the urban streets near the downtown riverfront through woodlands, gardens and across bridges surrounded by nature.
  • Samuel H. Morgan Regional Trail: This nine-mile multi-use paved path located on the east side of the Mississippi River offers extraordinary views of the Saint Paul skyline.

#2: Seattle, Washington

Seattle, which regularly ranks as one of the best cities for biking in America, is no stranger to cyclist culture. With so many riding amenities specifically geared to bikers — bike lanes, traffic signals and bike-sharing programs — the Emerald City presents an incredible urban riding experience.

  • Alki Trail: Alki Beach is a popular spot for outdoor activity, with generous views of the Seattle skyline that are best to see from two wheels.
  • Bainbridge Island "Chilly Hilly" Loop: Get out of the city and off the beaten path by taking the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry to this isolated island featuring a 33-mile loop trail.

#3: Portland, Oregon

Portland, another Pacific Northwest destination perfect for Juiced Bikes, is a bicycle-friendly city for many reasons. Along with bike lanes, bike sharing and miles of multi-use trails, the city's support of riders on two wheels even extends to the airport. You can access PDX via the regional trail system, park your bike at the airport and even have it assembled and repaired at one of their airport bike stations.

  • Gateway Green: Head to East Portland for the Gateway Green, a 25-acre bike park with paved and unpaved trails, as well as a skills area that provides mountain bikers with a picturesque playground.
  • Northeast Ramble: Enjoy a safe ride through the city on the Northeast Ramble, 15 miles of low-traffic streets you can extend by four miles if you'd like to venture up the Rocky Butte.

#4: Denver, Colorado

With more than 85 miles of paved trail and hundreds more unpaved, the Mile-High City is one of the best places to ride bikes in Colorado. The increase in elevation gives visitors a heart-pumping, exhilarating ride with amazing mountainous views.

  • Cherry Creek Bike Path: On one of the most popular trails in the city, you can ride for more than 40 miles through state parks and shopping districts.
  • High Line Canal Trail: This 70-mile paved trail, built as an irrigation project more than a century ago, connects Denver to Aurora through stunning scenery.

#5: Chicago, Illinois

Juiced Bikes builds e-bikes for the long haul, which is why we love riding them through Chicago's massive landscape. Cruise past both a sprawling urban and natural areas as you ride in and out of city limits.

  • North Shore Channel Trail: Start in west Lincoln Square on the north end of the Chicago River, and ride across this mostly paved path  all the way up through Evanston, passing the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park along the way.
  • Chicago Lakefront Trail: Spend some time in South Side with this 18-mile trail that's one of the most popular in the Windy City. From South Side, the trail goes north to Rogers Park and provides you with equally impressive views of the skyline on your left and of Lake Michigan on your right.

#6: Austin, Texas

Everything's bigger in Texas — that's why Juiced Bikes feels so at home on Austin's long trails that transverse wide-open spaces. Austin is one of the best cities for biking in the Lone Star State, and their burgeoning bicycle revolution makes it one of the growing bicycle-friendly cities to visit.

  • Emma Long Metropolitan Park: If you're looking for challenging terrain, Emma Long Metropolitan Park has a thrilling bike trail that's ideal for off-road motorcycles, mountain bikes and Juiced Bikes.
  • Violet Crown Trail: The Violet Crown Trail, the first regional trail in Central Texas, connects you to the Barton Creek Greenbelt and Zilker Trailhead that allow you to soak up the beauty of Texas Hill Country without straying too far from the city.

Pavement or dirt pick your path

#7: Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is a foodie's paradise, and with the city's focus on improving bike lanes and amenities for cyclists, it won't be long until others discover just how spectacular of a city Louisville is for riding bikes. With trail systems weaving you in and out of the city — and state — Louisville is one of the lesser-known bicycle-friendly cities to put on your list.

  • Big Four Bridge: At only a half-mile long, the Big Four Bridge is a great short ride for families with children, starting at the Louisville Riverwalk and ending across the Ohio River in Jeffersonville, Ind.
  • Louisville Loop: See everything the city has to offer on the Louisville Loop, which, when completed, will unite neighborhoods and trails in Louisville and connect to trails in other parts of Kentucky and Indiana as well.

#8: San Francisco, California

The hilly streets of San Francisco are beautiful, and thankfully, the city has made a great effort to place importance on cyclists. Over the last decade, major improvements have made San Francisco a bicycle-friendly city that welcomes Juiced Bikes.

  • San Francisco Bay Trail: If you love to conquer the longest trails imaginable, the 500 miles that complete the looped San Francisco Bay Trail are ready to issue you the ultimate challenge.
  • Bicycle Boulevard: As less of a trail and more of a practical way to navigate through the city, Bicycle Boulevard in the Berkeley area of San Fran keeps you safe and close to where you need to be.

#9: Washington, D.C.

Immerse yourself in history with a bike ride around our nation's capital. Washington, D.C., may not have a reputation as the best place to ride bikes, but we assure you exploring this historic district on a Juiced Bike will give you a unique opportunity to see and experience the District of Columbia in ways you never will while stuck in traffic.

  • Mount Vernon Trail: Travel the 18 miles from Theodore Roosevelt Island to President George Washington's Mount Vernon estate.
  • Arlington Triangle Trail: No matter how long or little you spend in D.C., viewing the monuments never gets old, especially on the Arlington Triangle Trail, which offers great views of the structures from across the Potomac River.

#10: Boston, Massachusetts

New England is a fantastic place to explore on your Juiced Bike, and we believe Boston should be one of the destinations at the top of your list. Along with a high percentage of residents making their way from point to point by bike, Boston is becoming more of a bicycle-friendly city by the day.

  • Minuteman Bikeway: Pretend you're Paul Revere and pedal your way across the Minuteman Bikeway, where he made his famous midnight ride.
  • Charlestown Waterfront Bike Path: This short ride takes you along the Harborwalk, where you'll see monuments and ships steeped in American history.

#11: Boise, Idaho

If you're scratching your head wondering why Idaho made this list, you're clearly unaware of the near-limitless outdoor recreation opportunities within state lines. Boise is an exceptional place to ride, as it's only a short distance from the center of town to amazing trailheads and pathways.

  • Around the Mountain: As one of the best trails in the state, Around the Mountain is an 11-mile single track that loops you around the Bogus Basin with no shortage of views.
  • The Big Potato: Forty-two miles and 6,500 feet of climbing create a potato-shaped loop that takes expert riders from the foothills to the forest.

#12: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is now becoming one of the best cities for cycling, thanks to its exponential rise in cyclists over the last few years. The trail systems throughout the 'Burgh, used both for recreation and commuting, make it one of our favorite places to take our Juiced Bikes.

  • The Three Rivers Heritage Trail: Pittsburgh has many hidden gems around the city, and most of them are accessible by the Three Rivers Heritage Trail network. It goes almost everywhere, including Kennywood amusement park!
  • Erie-to-Pittsburgh Trail: Add another trip to the Great Lakes to your itinerary and travel 270 miles from Steel City to Lake Erie.

A commuters dream bike

#13: Cincinnati, Ohio

There are many bicycle-friendly cities in Ohio, like Columbus and Cleveland, but our favorite is Cincinnati. Cincy has an interesting bike culture — while some people won't use their bikes as their primary mode of commuting due to weather, many will still use it for recreation and running errands, even during the colder months. The all-weather versatility of Juiced Bikes makes conquering Cincy on two wheels a breeze.

  • Theodore Berry International Friendship Park: Ride along the Ohio River and enjoy a relaxing day in this sprawling park.
  • Devou Park: Just a quick ride across the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, Devou Park in Covington, Ky., is a secluded area featuring more than eight miles of trail for riders of all skill levels.

#14: Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

The City of Brotherly Love has dozens of bike routes to choose from, even though at first glance, it may seem like its narrow streets are not welcoming to Juiced Bikes. The bike and buffered lanes throughout the city will lead you to amazing trails that will help you burn off all those cheesesteaks you'll eat.

  • Forbidden Drive: With a name like that, you can't resist taking your Juiced Bike on a nearly seven-mile ride through this shaded nature trail.
  • Boxer's Trail: Cue the Rocky music and take off on this forest path as you fight your way to a personal-best time on this four-mile trail.

#15: Tucson, Arizona

Believe it or not, you need to venture into the desert to find the best bicycle infrastructure in the country. Tucson has over 700 miles of trail designated for bicycle use, with plenty more just outside of city limits.

  • Fantasy Island Mountain Bike Trail: You'll need a permit to enjoy Fantasy Island's exciting one-way trails that combine for 26 miles of outdoor awesomeness.
  • Santa Cruz River Trail: This multi-use trail, also known as the Chuck Huckelberry Loop, connects the Santa Cruz River Park to over 120 miles of paved paths for riding.

#16: Missoula, Montana

If you're looking for some of the best biking trails in the U.S., look to Zootown. Missoula is an extremely bikeable city with plenty of trails to choose from. Between the wide-open skies of Montana and the open pathways of Missoula, you'll feel free as a bird on your Juiced Bike.

  • Beargrass Highway: This trail is one you can't miss — ride the Snowbowl chair lift when the snow has melted, and you can ride down the five-and-a-half-mile Beargrass Highway while soaking up the sun.
  • Bitterroot Trail: Explore Montana without a care in the world on this flat, 44-mile paved trail that run from the city through a handful of other charming towns.

#17: Gainesville, Florida

Don't let the flat landscape of Florida fool you. Plenty of gorgeous places across the state offer a heart-pumping ride. Gainesville is a college town that is also proud of its cyclist culture.

  • Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail: Florida's natural beauty is on full display as you ride through conservation lands, state parks and natural habitats on a 16-mile stretch.
  • Archer Braid Trail: Archer Braid Trail, coming in well below 10 miles, offers a smooth ride right up to the campus of the University of Florida.

#18: Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines is well on its way to becoming one of the best cities for cycling. After pledging millions of dollars to an overhaul of the city's streets that will make riding safer, the city of Des Moines is looking forward to a healthier bike culture that offers some of the best places to ride bikes in the Midwest.

  • Great Western Trail: Saddle up and ride along the prairie, moving at your own pace across 16.5 miles of the abandoned Chicago Great Western rail bed.
  • High Trestle Trail: This 25-mile trail will take you across the artistic High Trestle Bridge that lights up at night.

#19: New York City, New York

Many people regard the Big Apple as one of the greatest cities in the world, and surely it's no surprise that it's also one of the best cities for biking in the United States. With so many boroughs and neighborhoods to explore, an endless ride atop your Juiced Bike will help you discover all of the hidden gems in New York City.

  • Hudson River Greenway: Get from Battery Park to the southern edge of Manhattan with this 11-mile ride that's free of motor vehicle traffic.
  • Coney Island Boardwalk: Coney Island is a hot spot for people-watching, and they only allow bikers to ride on this two-mile stretch from 5 until 10 a.m., providing you with an invigorating morning ride to get your day moving!

#20: New Orleans, Louisianna

Riding a Juiced Bike is a breeze in the Big Easy. Although commuting via bicycle is common, only recently has there been a movement for more bike-friendly changes to the city. New trails are connecting various parts of the city from end to end, giving you the exciting opportunity to be one of the first to explore these new paths.

  • St. Charles Avenue: There's no way you can do NOLA right without a trip down St. Charles Ave for a five-mile ride around the coolest neighborhoods outside the French Quarter.
  • Lakeshore Drive: If you want a traffic-free ride that takes you to the edge of the city, a 15-mile trip along Lakeshore Drive can get you away from the hustle and bustle of jazz clubs and dive bars.

Best Cities for Riding

Juiced Bikes: Riding Through the United States One City at a Time

Our country has incredible cities from coast to coast that are waiting for you to explore. Grab your Juiced Bike and go wherever the road takes you. We built our innovative electric bikes to endure diverse terrain, so you can follow your path without limitations. Contact us to learn more about our new models, including the CityScrambler Electric Adventure Bike that will help you conquer every trail on this list!
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