Best E-bikes and Accessories for Mother’s Day!

Best E-bikes and Accessories for Mother’s Day!

The Weekly Squeeze

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what do modern moms want more than anything - well if they are like anyone else who wants to keep up with the kids - an electric bike! And maybe a spa day. Mother’s have been using bicycles for centuries as a  means of transportation, entertainment, exercise and as a way of  bonding with their children. From the Japanese Mamachari (Mommy’s Bike) to  Europe’s decades of using school bus style cargo bikes, Mom’s all over the world love a bike that fits into their family’s needs.

 Modern Moms in the United States are no different, except now they likely are working as well as caring for the kids and that takes its toll. So if you are looking for gift ideas,  maybe this year get mom an e-bike to have her own adventures and get some much needed Mommy time.  One of the hottest gifts for mom this year is an e-bike! Whether the special mom in your life has been mountain biking  for years and needs the aid of pedal assist technology or has just been hinting at getting an electric bike she has been seeing online - we have put together a great list of models and accessories to treat Mom. 

Best Bikes for Mom

  • Scorpion  X - Our newest addition to the Juiced Bikes line up, this incredibly comfortable step-through frame with dual suspension makes an amazing grocery-getter. This model works for casual family adventures or commuting. Also comes standard with a USB port to keep all your devices juiced. 
  • CrossCurrent  X/S2 - The classic commuter model! This is for the mom on the go and is ideal for paved city commuting. If  they work in the city, this nimble and lightweight model is the most power efficient in our model line up. Perfect for dipping in and out traffic and safe for quick maneuvers. 
  • RipCurrent S - Great for the adventurous Mom, this gem has all the technology of the Crosscurrent X but with upgraded air-fork front suspension and more aggressive 4” tires for on and off road play with the family. This is an amazing model to get an older mother as well, many of our customers love taking these RVing. 

Mother's Day Mom

Treats for Moms Who Cycle 

Shopping for a mother who already has an e-bike or even a standard bicycle? No worries we have lots of great accessories for safety, security and carrying cargo for the on-the-go Mom. Check out these great accessories

  • Juiced Bikes Horn/Alarm System - Safety is always a Mother’s primary concern and this dual horn/alarm system installed with simple hardware will work on even non-Juiced bikes. At 100+ decibels cars will know you are coming and it doubles as an alarm which is motion activated with key fobs included! This will keep them and the bike safe for future rides. 
  • Phone Mount - Mom’s have always gotta stay in touch with the family and with this Phone Mount w/ Charger  Keep your mobile phone secure while riding with a built-in USB charging port. Simply connect to the battery of the electric bike and keep your gadget up throughout your ride. No need to carry an additional USB battery booster along for your ride, this will be plug and play with almost all Juiced Bikes E-bike Models. This accessory comes with 1 iPhones/Lightning cable and 1 USB type C cable
  • Locks - Whether the Mom in your life has already had a great bike or is getting an electric bike as a surprise for Mother’s Day they will need a great lock to protect their model. We have a great selection of high quality  locks to protect your Mom’s model while taking trips to shops, school, etc. 
  • Juiced Bikes Pannier Bag -  This stylish and high quality accessory provides a convenient option for carrying cargo on your electric bike. Let your Juiced bike handle the load with this stylish, functional and super easy-to-use bag. Gorgeous Juiced logo embroidered on the outside and it  can be used on Juiced and non- juiced models, as long as they fit the rail of their rear rack. 

We hope by now you have found the perfect last minute mother’s day gift and we  would love to see you out riding with Mom on her new Juiced Bikes ride! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos with your Mom! 

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