The Best E-Bike for College Students: Riding Back to School with Juiced

The Best E-Bike for College Students: Riding Back to School with Juiced

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When college sophomore Emily Colton sets her sights on a goal, her determination and focus are legendary. As a 13-year old soccer phenom in the Southern California club circuit, she decided early on that the University of North Carolina was her destiny. A few years later, she was moving into her Chapel Hill dorm room and on the starting lineup for the most dominant school in Division 1 women’s soccer (22 national championships!). Once she arrived, it didn’t take long for Emily to realize she had a more common challenge that would need to be conquered, one that millions of other college students face: efficiently navigating her college campus without a car.

As a student athlete in a top-rated sports program, Emily intuitively looked for high performance attributes as she searched for an e-mobility solution. While others were slowly moving through campus on e-scooters and underpowered folding e-bikes, she was determined to find a more functional, longer range, and safer transportation solution, and she quickly discovered the Juiced Scorpion X electric bike. 

Now living in a coveted off-campus apartment, Emily uses her e-bike for nearly every trip she makes to the UNC campus, from daily practice sessions at Finley Fields, attending classes, around Chapel Hill running errands and back to campus for games at Dorrance Field. Battery power and riding range was an incredibly important part of Emily’s search for the right e-bike, “Living off-campus, without a car, made it crucial to have an electric bike that could easily handle multiple trips to different locations. I don’t give a second thought to the battery running low on power because it always seems to be fully-charged. I have anxiety about my classes, my grades, an upcoming exam, my next game, how well I performed in practice… it’s a long list… but worrying about my e-bike running out of battery power is not one of them!”

Juiced Bikes Best Electric Bike for School Commuter

The other reasons Emily fell in love with the Scorpion X: style & size! “Honestly, it’s just such a cool looking bike. I’ve never turned as many heads as I do when I’m on the Scorpion. I’m also not that tall and the step-through frame makes it so much more accessible than other electric bikes”. Now that Emily is joyfully riding through campus on an electric bike, she’s fielding constant requests from teammates and students to borrow her Scorpion X. “I’m just surprised more college students aren’t riding e-bikes. In fact, even if I did have a car, I’d much rather ride my e-bike!".

Discover all of the ways an e-bike is the perfect transportation alternative for college students: 

Make it to class on time, every time! 

Traffic is a killer for commuters, and the long walk from the dorms or parking lot to class can be just as challenging. E-bikes make it easy to pick up speed while giving you the flexibility to transition between roads and bike paths, leading to a quicker commute every time. All Juiced Bikes go up to 28mph with pedal assist and some EVEN FASTER! You’re sure to never miss the homeroom bell while riding one of these to school.

Juiced Bikes Best Electric Bike for School Never Late

Skip the parking hassle

 E-bikes lock to any bike rack or post outside your building, meaning you won't have to worry about expensive parking passes, costly tickets or towing fees. Plus, you'll save tons of time you would otherwise spend searching the entire lot for a decent parking spot.

Less gas = more money!

E-bikes have two power sources — electricity and you — making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation option for any student. Get yourself an e-bike to cruise around campus and save some extra cash, rather than sending it down the drain at the gas pump.

Eliminate Rising Uber Charges 

Rideshare is a common way to commute around and outside of campus when you don’t have a car. But using Lyft or Uber every day adds up. Not to mention, prices keep on going up due to a scarcity in drivers. Save money with an e-bike and never second-guess that extra trip. Grocery run? Check! Dinner with friends? Check! Shopping trip? Check!

Capitalize on student or teacher discounts

Juiced Bikes offers exclusive year-round discounts for students and educators at every level. If you’re a student or teacher, you’re probably eligible to receive an EXTRA $100 off your next e-bike purchase, so check out our exclusive deals for more information. 

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