Earth Day: RETHINK YOUR RIDE Challenge!

Earth Day: RETHINK YOUR RIDE Challenge!

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Juiced Bikes has been helping customers ditch the gas pump and ride more efficiently for more than a decade, but this year we went a step further! To celebrate Earth Day, we enlisted two San Diego riders to join the Juiced Bikes Rethink Your Ride Challenge. Our two eager participants agreed to completely replace their car miles with an e-bike for an entire day! 

We understand how much people love their cars, and recognize there are hesitations about swapping car miles with an electric bike, like riding range, safety, weather, and convenience. We get it and know that sometimes a car is the best mode of transport. But, our goal is to show how easy, fun, and efficient it is to replace your car with an e-bike for just one day. 

Addie’s 20.1 Mile Day

Addie Mason uses her car everyday to support a very active lifestyle – trips to the beach, riding to work, visiting with friends, and running errands. All of those little trips add up quickly, especially with shockingly high California gas prices. An accomplished surfer, Addie is very conscious of the impact environmental deterioration has on our oceans. So when she found out the average passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, she was even more stoked to rethink her ride and replace car miles with her RipCurrent S  e-bike.

Juiced Bikes Can an Electric Bike Replace a Car RipCurrent S

Before riding out Mason geared up with all the things she would need to make e-bike commuting comfortable, functional and safe. Fully kitted out with surfboard rack, Juiced Pannier Bag , Juiced Bikes Horn Alarm System , chain lock and phone mount with charger she was ready to tackle her day. 

“Where I’m surfing today is about 9 miles away, which sounds like a lot but on an e-bike it’s super easy. As a surfer, I am always thinking about the environment because what I like to do depends so heavily on having a healthy earth. Knowing that I’m doing small contributions to help the earth always makes me feel good,” explains Mason. 

After a cruise down to the beach with a surfboard strapped to her bike, Addie rode to meet a friend at one of a favorite local coffee shop. “Replacing my car today with an e-bike was actually really convenient. I could zip through cars, I didn’t have to worry about parking. I didn’t have to worry about the backup of cars. It was amazing!” she said.

Juiced Bikes Can an Electric Bike Replace A Car No Parking Nightmares

After her coffee break, Addie zoomed to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items she needed to make dinner that night. “Seeing how easy this day was, I could definitely see myself replacing my car a lot with my e-bike. Even just going to the grocery store was super quick, I couldn’t believe how fast I was able to get there and how much stuff my pannier bag could hold."

Bryan’s 20.9 Mile Day

There’s not much Bryan Deleon Guerrero can’t do. Retired Marine Staff Sergeant, flight student, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, he’s perpetually on the go and says he spends most of his days shuttling around in a gas guzzling SUV. “Gas prices are crazy right now and we all want to save money. But you can totally commute from point A to point B to point C on an e-bike.”

Before heading out for his big day of commuting Deleon Guerrero made sure to bring along the essentials he needs for school and work. A wooden crate for his book bag, a phone mount with charger and a heavy chain lock to secure his ride while flying. 

Juiced Bikes Can an Electric Bike Replace a Car Secure Your Bike

Deleon Guerrero rode his Scorpion X e-bike during an extremely busy day that included trips to his flight school, studying and to the gym. “I took a route that I don’t typically take to school, obviously because of the bike and I really enjoyed it. It was really nice seeing a part of the neighborhood that I don’t really see,” said Bryan. 

He ended up biking 20.9 miles on his normal commute and looks forward to doing it more often. “Never did I think that I could survive living in San Diego without a car, and today proved that I could just use the bike,” he said. “After today I realized that riding the e-bike is something that I want to do beyond today. I want to see how long I can carry that streak and replace driving my car with riding the e-bike.”

Juiced Bikes Can an Electric Bike Replace a Car Make the Switch

Thanks so much to Addie and Bryan for taking the Juiced Bikes Rethink Your Ride Challenge! Mason traveled 20.1 miles and Deleon Guerrero rode 20.9 miles in one day on their Juiced Bikes! If they did that JUST ONCE per week throughout the year, they’d prevent the emission of more than 400,000 grams in CO2 every year! 

At Juiced Bikes we know that Earth Day isn't about just one day. We believe in celebrating Earth Day everyday by making small changes in our daily lives; small changes that eventually make a positive impact on environment protection. That's why the Rethink Your Ride Challenge is SO important to us. Are you ready to accept the challenge and to replace your car with an e-bike for just ONE day this Spring. Let us know how you do by tagging @Juicedbikes in your social media posts pictures so we can celebrate with you! And if you don’t already own an e-bike, what are you waiting for? Check out our full collection of e-bikes to find your new earth-friendly ride today.

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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