CityScrambler - Full Ride Video (52V/ 19.2Ah Pack Range Test)

As promised, here is the full ride video of the CityScrambler. I test the 52 V / 19.2 Ah extended range battery pack with the off-road throttle kit installed so the speed can go above 20 mph.

This test is with almost no pedaling and basically full throttle the whole time. This trip is a mix of city and country riding with some elevation climbs and strong winds. Tire pressure is at 30 psi.

This test represents the worse case range testing with the 19.2 Ah pack. 

Much higher range can be achieved in normal 20 mph configuration using the pedal assist. More test will be done later. The test with the 52V / 13Ah packs will be done later when those packs become available.

Notes: First pack was rand down and changed at 1:43 at about 27 miles. 


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