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CrossCurrent S November Production Update - Upgraded Spokes

Color painted frames ready to get boxed.


The November batch of CrossCurrent S bikes are on the way from the overseas factory. All have left the factory and expected to land to our San Diego warehouse just inside November.

New production has XXL 22" Frames

The color painted bikes will be first to arrive followed by the brushed aluminum frames coming a little later. Then its a matter of sorting through the orders and getting them on the road to waiting customers. We will send out a proper email update to pre-order customers and wait-list customers very soon.


Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires get loaded onto the container 



New Spokes

This production of CCS and moving forward we have switched to heavy duty SAPIM Belgium-made spokes and a improved lacing pattern. The spokes are imported and this production took a little bit longer due to the slower arriving spokes. SAPIM spokes are use on high end e-bikes. Check out the incredible strength of these spokes [Video: Bicycle Wheel on Car 6,300,000 views - Youtube]



Here is a rather interesting video where a bicycle mechanic builds a wheel with SAPIM spokes mounts it to a car and drives it around!

New Location of the rear LED light

The location of the rear LED light has been moved from under the seat to the back of the rear rack. 

Availability moving forward

Voted as the top affordable e-bike by Electric Bike Review, the response to the CCS has been amazing.  We have over a two thousand bikes on order that need to be carefully manufactured and packed and shipped to our high quality standards before the New Year. We are making them as fast as we can and catching up so that the bike can ship as fast as possible after ordering. Thank you so much for your support and patience.