E-bikes get data logging and GPS with a new wave of products


For some E-bike enthusiast, a simple bicycle computer is not nearly enough. The true e-bike geeks will want to record Wattage, Amperage, Voltage, Watt-hour per Mile/Kilometer along with other parameters. Two products have arrived to record the data and even include GPS tracks. 

Cycle Analogger by Grin Technologies (Ebike.ca) ($99.00 / $150.00 with GPS)


 The Cycle Analogger takes the serial data output of the Cycle Analyst and stores it on an included 1GB MicroSD card. There is also the option of acquiring tracks from its on-board GPS. The data from each trip can be downloaded, graphed and even displayed on Google Earth


SpeedDict by SpeedDict Technology ($104.26)

The Speeddict e-Bike computer has Bluetooth connectivity for connection to a Android mobile phone. Data can be displayed real-time and recorded to the 1MB onboard memory. Additional software can be used to help analyze trip statistics.




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