E-Bikes: The Ultimate Gift for Dads & Grads!

E-Bikes: The Ultimate Gift for Dads & Grads!

The Weekly Squeeze

June is always a time for celebration, but that’s especially true this year! Things are steadily returning to ‘normal’ and people are finally getting a chance to celebrate with loved ones they haven't seen in a long time. Father’s Day and Graduations are two of our most beloved June celebrations, and what better way to honor both dads & grads than to give them the gift that keeps giving - a new electric bike! 

Why an e-bike? Why now?

Electric bikes are an amazing gift for anyone really, but there are plenty of reasons why a new high performance e-bike is especially coveted by both new graduates and dads. The biggest benefit of e-bike ownership this summer is pretty basic economics. Rising gas prices are a significant issue for many Americans right now, and will likely only get worse through the high-travel months of summer.  An e-bike is a great way for anyone to reduce car usage and, ultimately, dependency on expensive trips to the gas station. Both dads and grads will appreciate saving more of their hard earned money. 

Many fathers faced tremendous challenges this past year, some unexpectedly became stay-at-home dads and homeschool teachers with some having taken jobs closer to home, or transitioned to remote work in order to better support their family’s changing needs. To adjust to new financial concerns and priorities, some families elected to downsize by selling a second car. But, Dad (and Mom) still need a reliable grocery-getter, a fun way to run some errands and look cool in the process. Dads will absolutely love a fast, fun and convenient ride to keep up with the kids, keep up with the errands, and keep more money in their pockets! 

Because of the pandemic, very few graduates were able to experience a proper celebration last year. As restrictions loosen, and graduation celebrations resume, a new electric bike is a great way to congratulate a graduate on their achievements in the face of unprecedented challenges. It’s also a smart, convenient and economical way for a high school graduate to get around  their new college campus, or for a college graduate to get to job interviews without showing up in a pool of post-work-out sweat.

Grads with Juiced Bikes!

Another outstanding reason to give someone an e-bike this year is the gift of healthy outdoor activity. So many people had to retreat from normal activity last year, and let’s be honest, not everyone took up marathon running, crossfit, or prepping for an Ironman competition. The ‘Covid 10’, referring to the lockdown’s impact on our collective waistline, is very real! Repeated studies continue to confirm that e-bikes provide a valuable fitness outlet and routinely allow riders to burn as many calories as other popular forms of exercise! Those lucky enough to work remotely, who may have taken multiple remote jobs, have most likely seen much less sunlight over the last year. Vitamin D and serotonin are vital to good mental health. Whether a dad or grad, the benefits of physical fitness activity, vitamin D, and good old-fashioned fresh air are universal!

Still not convinced? Last year we saw one positive trend emerge from the pandemic:  significant decreases in smog and pollution all over the world as countries stayed home and stayed safe. It’s no coincidence… less car miles = less pollution. Why should we forget this so quickly as normal activities (and behaviors) resume? What better gift to give to a fresh graduate than a future with a healthier environment? 

Juiced Bike RipCurrent S

Commuters and Dad’s on the go! 

Whether you are fresh out of college or riding with your kids to their first day back to in-person learning, commuter e-bikes are great for getting across town. All of Juiced Bikes’ commuter models have a 52v/19.2ah battery for 70+ mile range in a single charge! They also all offer our dual torque/cadence sensor which senses how hard you are pedalling - almost 1000x per second! 

Forbes called it ‘a true car replacement’, the CrossCurrent X is the absolute pinnacle of e-bike commuting. A carefully refined micro-mobility masterpiece engineered to provide distance, speed, comfort and safety. The Crosscurrent X also features the Schwalbe puncture-resistant tires for  super reliable (and safe) transportation. Lightweight and great for nimble inner city commuting, the CrossCurrent X is a great commuter for riders heading back to school or back to work! 

Juiced Bike Dad Commuting

If you're looking for the perfect e-bike for that special someone who loves hauling extra gear or for someone with a side hustle delivering food or groceries? The fully-loaded HyperScorpion Express is the ultimate e-bike solution, equipped with tons of premium features that will allow them to carry anything and everything. Featuring a 1,000 watt retroblade Bafang motor for anyone who wants the torque to carry you and your cargo to wherever you need to go. This model also comes standard with turn signals, integrated brake light, horn alarm and rear view mirrors to keep your special someone safe! Also, the rack is amazing for toting books to and from class! 

Looking for an e-bike that offers versatility for a rider with some mobility limitations? The new RipCurrent S Step-Through offers an ideal fit for most riders, and  is loaded with super premium components like a massive 52V 19.2Ah battery,  750 watt motor, and versatile open frame for safe, fast and convenient mounting/dismounting. This model also features a  front air fork for smooth riding and a 6” riser handlebar for upright comfort seating. Fitting riders 5’3 and up, the open-frame design is also a  great ride for a shorter grad trying to get from home to work safely. 

Adventure addicts 

Maybe your Dad loves to take the family off road or your grad wants to take a soul searching bike tour? These models offer the fastest speeds and longest ranges we have to offer. Cushy suspension and powerful hydraulic brakes offer comfort and stopping power. Powerful Bafang motors. High Speeds. High quality components. Torque sensing technology, what more could they want? This Father’s Day give the gift of adventure! 

Whether your dad likes to get lost by choice or chance,this is their dream e-bike for him. The totally new HyperScrambler 2, with DUAL BATTERY CAPACITY, delivers an insane 100+ riding range, extreme speed and power. Maybe the dad or grad in your life is already an e-bike fan but needs a major upgrade - this is an amazing model they might not buy for themselves! This model comes standard with front and rear shocks to handle anything the road can throw at you. 

Classic style and aggressive speeds, the fully-loaded HyperScorpion calls back to the amazing retro feeling Dad had from gas bikes as a kid. This model features a massive 1,000 watt Bafang motor to fuel off-road speeds up to 30mph. Higher torque rating and larger rotor will help dads and grads get over almost any obstacle. You can feel secure knowing mirrors, brake light, horn and alarm are all included to keep your speed demon as safe as possible. If you’re looking for ‘gift-of-a-lifetime’ accolades, this will  delight  even the most hard-to-please recipients.

Both dads and grads love off-road fun! The best-selling RipCurrent S delivers fully-loaded fat-tire fun, enhanced safety features and unmatched riding versatility. This model's upright handlebar configuration and air fork make for a super comfortable ride on or off road! You can attach Juiced panniers to the rack to help carry books, diapers, groceries, you name it! 

Juiced Bike HyperScorpion

What to get when your Dad or Grad has everything? 

Does your father already have a Juiced Bike? No problem, we still got you covered with plenty of great add-ons to help get your father fully geared up! Does your student already have a Camp Scrambler - get them a race plate that lets them know they are #1 to you. Is your dad a Juiced collector? Get him some Juiced gear so he can represent! Tech junkie? Get them a phone mount so they can keep their hands free and on the handlebars. No matter what, this June, remember giving the gift of an e-bike or e-bike accessory is a gift of health, wealth and happiness. Be well.

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