Electric Bike Report's interview with Pedego's Don DiCostanzo (DRAFT)


Pete Prebus from Electric Bike Report has a nice interview with Don DiCostanzo of Pedego Electric Bicycles. Also included is a link for a chance to win two Pedego electric bicycles. 


"For those who might think of an electric bike as cheating, consider that not everyone has the energy and stamina to ride a pedal only bike in a competitive lean-forward riding position. The creation of some power assistance to overcome hills and winds has made it likely for millions of consumers who would not likely ride, let alone purchase, another bicycle in their lifetime."

I totally agree. If you ride an e-bike, inevitability somone will call you a cheater. But I must admit, I do feel like I am cheating. I would not normally ride a bike to work unless it has an electric assist motor, instead I would take a car!


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