Summer Exploring: Camping with an E-Bike

Summer Exploring: Camping with an E-Bike

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In our new Summer Exploring Series, we’re showing you some of the ways to amp up your Summer adventures with a Juiced e-bike. From camping to fishing and everything in between, your new electric bike will take you as far off the beaten path as you’re willing to go! 

Fresh air. Scenic trails. Crackling campfires. Gooey s’mores. Sleeping under the stars. Camping is one of the classic Summer traditions that millions of Americans celebrate every year. Can it possibly get better? Well, yes, it is better when you bring an electric bike on your next camping trip. Not only do e-bikes help you explore even further, but they’re exhilarating, quiet, nimble, and won’t dent your carbon footprint in the great outdoors. Camping ventures can also include bike packing, in which riders take their bikes directly from home on overnight jaunts with all of their supplies in backpacks, or more commonly multi-day tent, car or RV camping trips that can be enhanced with e-bikes. Whichever camping mode you choose, be sure to read these important tips before packing up and heading out on your adventure.

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bikes For Camping Tips


If you’re driving to your destination, e-bikes make ideal companions for side day-trips, exploring the campground, or lugging items back to your tent from the general store. But how will you get your e-bikes to the campsite? Does your car or RV have a rear rack that can accommodate the weight of the bikes and your gear? Remember that e-bikes are heavy and cannot be transported on roof racks like regular bikes. If you’re driving a large pick-up truck or van, make sure there’s room in the bed for everyone’s bikes. Or in case you ride to the campsite directly on your e-bike, know that many states offer dedicated “hiker or biker” spots that are specifically reserved on a first-come/first-served basis for those who arrive by bicycle. 

Juiced Bikes Electric Bikes For Camping Making Space


Check out your destination campground rules up front, to make sure it allows e-bikes. Most will. But remember that e-bike laws differ from one state to another and understanding what classification your bike falls under is important. All Juiced Bikes come equipped as Class 2 e-bikes but can be unlocked to Class 3 when desired. This gives you the flexibility to ride in different areas this Summer. Many popular national parks have recently loosened restrictions to allow Class 2 e-bikes to abide by the same rules as regular bikes, but always be sure to check first while planning your camping adventure. 


Make sure your destination is bike-friendly. Are there dedicated bike trails and paths that allow you to bypass cars? Do the roads have separate bike lanes that are typically safer to ride? Try planning your route ahead of time, so you understand how friendly the area is to cyclists. And remember to respect your speed on dirt trails, as e-bikes can negotiate them much faster than the regular bikes you’ll probably be sharing the paths with.

Juiced Bikes Happy Trails


Once you’re on the campground, where can you charge up your e-bike? You can always bring your own power source. That can mean plugging a portable solar charger into your e-bike, or buying a portable charging station and pre-charging it before going on your trip. Then just plug in your bikes, once they’re out of juice. Also, some ranger stations will let you charge your bikes there while the station is attended, giving you peace of mind that your bike will be safe. Remember that a full recharge takes time and a fast charger is a good option for those wanting to get back out on their e-bike quickly. We suggest calling ahead to see if the campsite has electricity available, or if there's a nearby spot where you can plug in. Campsites with RV hookups commonly have the resources to charge e-bike batteries, as well. By the way, keep e-bike battery range in mind. If you're riding with more weight – perhaps lugging around firewood, for instance – expect fewer miles per charge.

Juiced Bikes Electric Bikes For Camping Power Source


Even though campgrounds are generally pretty safe, locking up your bike and setting an alarm is an important step to take whenever you leave your e-bike unattended. This could mean locking it up to a bike rack, your car rack, or even a tree nearby. Just be sure you’re within earshot of the bike should the alarm go off. Before your trip, wrap the locks around your seat stem, so that you won’t forget them and have the alarm already installed. Also, bring lightweight tarps or blankets to cover your bikes – just in case night-time conditions get dewy.


What else to bring? Aside from camping necessities, consider how you’re going to use your e-bike during the trip. A Pannier Bag is perfect for lugging items on your day trips or packing a picnic dinner for sunset. If your plans are more ambitious, consider bringing an e-bike trailer that can hold more items and gear as you bike – it’s great for when you’re e-biking with the family and want to minimize backpack or pannier bag usage. And of course, it’s vital to bring helmets and a bike emergency kit. The latter is key, if you’re negotiating uneven and unpredictable terrain – and should include an extra tire tube, bike pump, all-in-one tool, tire patches, replacement chain links, and a tire lever. 

Juiced Bikes Electric Bikes For Camping Accessories

Ready to head out on an epic Summer camping trip? By following these tips, your adventures will be worry-free and full of fun. If you currently own Juiced Bike, you’re already set to have a great time on your camping trip! And if you don’t own an e-bike, then check out these Juiced models  that can handle trails and off-road terrain with ease.
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