Fast 7-Mile E-bike Test With GPS Tracks

FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2009 AT 8:05PM

GPS Map:

This is the repeat of the 7mile trip on 25/03/2009 to the warehouse. This time my plan was to do minimal pedaling and go as fast as possible on the motor alone. The average speed was 22.8mph / max 31mph. Most other E-bikes top out at 15mph. I arrived around 19min which beat my target time of 21min. I would have arrived faster if i did more pedaling on the very hilly section, but the difference would be quite minimal (less than 60 seconds estimated) I never dropped below 15mph, which was the AVERAGE of the last trip. With the powerful motor, it really feels like you are always going downhill both ways.

It was very windy and quite cold today. The headwind was incredible and switched to a cross wind once I got on the 125. I needed to tuck down on some of the windiest section.

I was using the 48V 15Ah battery with limitations set at 23A and no speed restrictions. I used very little pedaling limited to the very strongest hills of Olympic Parkway. Its difficult to contribute any pedaling above 20mph and the average speed was already 23mph.

The max speed was about 31mph, there was a jump in the GPS tracks which shows 41mph for a brief period. This happens when it looses the signal for a second then picks it up again. It thinks I slowed down then cleared that gap in an instant and briefly displays a high speed. Average speed is not likely changed.

The trip by car takes 12-15min and the toll is about $4.00 cash, I felt safe as there are very wide bicycle lanes on the toll road. I think 5 min of extra time is not worth the $4 and no exercise. I believe I could arrive in 16 min-something under ideal conditions. On the return trip I dialed back the assistance and reduced the average speed it took 26min going a slightly longer route.

Tracks from the first test: was maximum efficiency.


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