HF 1000W E-Bike - Having fun with a radar gun [Video]

The Weekly Squeeze

 TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017 AT 4:06AM
tag: BuildingTheHype

The first pre-production HF1000 has arrived to the USA and we got it built up and running with zero problems. The updated high rate 45A BMS packs have not arrived yet, so we can't run more than about 80% of full controller power or the pack will shut down.

It's still enough to have a lot of fun. Here we have a quite flat stretch of pavement to play around with the radar speed gun. With spirited pedaling, we could briefly see  37-38 mph (59-61 km/h). This is remarkable considering the big and goofy fat tires. 

This bike just wants to keep pulling and keeps providing assistance even when you are pedaling as hard as you can. You enjoy pedaling more than ever as your efforts are well rewarded. 

With the torque sensor reacting so quickly and so many amps on tap, the system is always able to keep the motor in front of you so you never feel like you are working against the motor.

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