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HyperFat HF1000 Update for Pre-Orders

WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 2017 AT 1:54PM
tag: BuildingTheHype

HyperFat Founder's Series Availability: 

We have been hard at work getting the initial batch of Founder Series HFs out. There has been a slight delay in the frames but things have been sorted and some units should ship in May. Other units will ship in June and we should have all of the Founder's series shipped in July. Thank you for your continued patience in this very aggressive project. 

Follow the progress: Building The Hype / Blog Update (view)


Suspension Fork

We have sourced a suspension fork for the HyperFat due to popular demand. Though not essential for a fat bike platform, suspension forks do provide benefit in some applications, however with a weight penalty to an already heavy bike. But let's face it, it looks cool. 

All Founder's Series e-bikes will be upgraded to MOZO Fat Man Air Fork with no additional charge. 


All MAC Motors

We have been really impressed with the performance of the MAC motor. Moving forward, we will use all MAC motors for both the HyperFat HF1000 and HF750. 

MAC Motor is well known in the high performance e-bike scene. While the motors appear similar to other motors on the outside each step of the way they improve the design and and use higher quality materials. 

The end result is just much higher thrust output and higher speed for a given current relative to anything else we have tried. It is also silky smooth and very little vibration. 

Integrating this motor with mass-produced e-bikes has been challenging due to some quarks in the way the motor is designed. We have solved these issues and decided to use the MAC motor for both HF750 and HF1000 bikes. 

Here is a video of our recent visit to MAC motors. 


More Torque

MAC 12T High Torque Motor Winding Option for customers who want higher torque for hill-climbing. This will result in a slight decrease in top speed. 

Winding more copper around the motor's stator gives you more torque and less speed. Less windings will give you more speed and less torque. The MAC motor and most other motors of this type can only be set up with one type of winding. 

The production HyperFat is set up with a 9T winding which was selected to target a top speed performance of 30+ mph with pedal assist, yet provide good hill climbing performance. 


For riders who are heavier or have more hills, we have a 12T motor winding option which provides more torque performance, but reduced top speed. The estimated top speed of around 25-26 mph with the 12T setup. With this option chosen, only the motor is changed everything else remans that same. 

Order the 12T High Torque Option (+$99) 


Hydraulic Disc Brakes

We’ve provided an upgrade path for users who want hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes provide better stopping power and modulation. You can also use less lever actuation force to slow the bike down. Hydraulic disc brake levers use nicer materials than the mechanical ones and have better feel and aesthetics. 

We have sourced Tektro Dorado HD-E715 which are regarded as one of the best Hydraulic disc brake systems designed for e-bikes. Learn more about the Tektro HD-E715 on Tektro's webpage.

Tektro HD-E715 Details: E-Bike - Hydraulic Disc Brake With Sensor Control Design

- Open System, Dual Piston
- Sensor Control Designed
- High Performance, Designed For 45km/Hr E-Bikes
- Easy Installation, Adjustment And Maintenance.


Upgrade to Tektro Hydrulic HD-E715 Disc Brakes (+$249)


Frame Sizes:

The founders series Frame is 18" size which fits most riders. The next production moving forward will have a Small, Medium and Large frame sizes to accommodate a wider range of riders. 


Here is the size breakdown: 

S: 16.5"

M: 18.0"

L: 20.0"


Rear Racks

The HyperFat will have mounting bosses for a rear rack installation. Though these fittings are absent in our pre-production prototypes, they will be included for the production units. 

There are very few racks designed for fat-tire bikes and we frankly got tired of looking. So we are now at work designing a rack that will fit the HF perfectly. 

Here is a preview of this rack and we will make another announcement when it is ready. 


Mud Guards/Fenders: 

There are surprisingly few mudguards made for fat bikes at the moment. We are working to find some models with a good performance and sporty style — stay tuned! The bike has mounting points to accept most any 3rd party Fat tire fenders. 


Revised LED Headlight:

The initial LED used 2 separate 900 lum lights. The same supplier has now made for us custom one piece dual LED headlight which works out to be much lighter. It kicks out the same amount of light (1800 lum) and just as waterproof. The light is automotive grade and light even works underwater. 

The DC driver boards found on most e-bike controllers are designed to power rather puny LED lights. It is not able to handle a 20W LED light (yes, we tried). We have sourced a water proof switch and made a custom wire harness to complete the integration onto the bike. 


Price increase and Crowd-Funding Campaign: 

We will be offering the HyperFat through a Crowdfunding campaign later in the year at a slight price increase relative to the Founders Series. Pre-orders moving forward will have this adjusted specifications and price increase.   

We have already ordered some of the critical parts for the next few batches of HFs to reduce delivery lead-times. We will start pre-orders for the Crowd Funded spec models as soon as possible. 


Test Rides:

The pre-production HyperFat HF1000 has arrived to our San Diego facility. We will announce test ride availability. This will give customers a chance to experience what the HyperFat is all about. 

A high-powered, fat-tire geared hub drive e-bike with fully proportional torque sensing is quite unique in the e-bike world. 

There is zero learning curve and you just ride it like a normal bike without the need to touch the throttle. It is very smooth, climbs well, and builds speeds effortlessly while not feeling scary. 

Please contact us if you would like to try out this amazing e-bike.