HyperScrambler 2: Shipping Update


HyperScrambler 2: Shipping Update

The Weekly Squeeze

They're here!

Late last week, our first shipments of HyperScrambler 2 e-bikes arrived at our San Diego headquarters. We started shipping to customers on Friday and will continue shipping through the end of this week. Anyone that purchased early, and received an email confirming their new HyperScrambler 2 would be shipping in late November, will be receiving their order confirmation within the next 7-10 days. 

For customers that purchased the two battery bundle, please note that your second battery charger will be shipped separately.  It may come a couple of days before or after your new HyperScrambler 2 arrives. 

For customers that purchased their e-bikes from our second shipments, we are still on schedule to begin delivering your new HyperScrambler 2 in January. 

We're super excited to see the new HyperScrambler 2 out on the road this winter, and would love to see a #JuicedBikes or @JuicedBikes tag on your social posts. 

Happy riding! 

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