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Introducing the RipCurrent S

After introducing the CrossCurrent S and building the HYPE, we put everything we learned into designing the Ultimate Fat-Tire Commuter E-Bike. 

Powered by a 750 Watt motor, the RipCurrent S is capable of reaching Class 3 (28 mph) performance with torque-sensing pedal assist. 

The new 52 Volt battery platform has over 1,000 Watt-Hours and 70+ miles of real-world range. The RipCurrent S arrives fully-loaded with LCD display, hydraulic disc brakes, cruise control, air suspension fork, rack, fenders, a 1,050 lumen front headlight and more. 

The RipCurrent S is available for pre-order now starting at  $1,699 and arrives staring Feb-March timeframe. 

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