Jay Leno tries out the "Black Trail" electric bicycle


Jay Leno takes a ride on the Black Trail electric bicycle. This extreme e-bike looks as if it was designed by angry F1 engineers. Performance figures are incredible with claimed 100 km/h (62mph) top speed and 160–200km (99-124mi) cruising range using only a 48V/17Ah "leather" battery pack. The battery pack is the same weight of of the entire rest of the bicycle. 

With a limited production run of 667, the Black Trail's price tag goes well beyond the even the most well-appointed Optibike model. If the €59,500.00 ($76,000) price tag puts you off, you can upgrade your wheels to the Black Trail's to carbon fiber hoops for only €11,900.00 ($15,200). 

Links: Leno's Big Dog Garage , PG- Bikes , Black TrailOptibike , Twitter: @PG_Bikes

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