Juiced HyperScorpion vs. Ariel X-Class

Juiced HyperScorpion vs. Ariel X-Class

The Weekly Squeeze

With gas prices escalating to historic (and painful) highs, the sky-rocketing demand for e-bikes has sent more Americans online looking for an efficient and practical transportation alternative. And with so many electric bikes now available in the direct-to-consumer channel, comparing stats, value propositions, and specs can be an overwhelming task. In this series, we’re showing you exactly how specific models from Juiced Bikes measure up to the competition.

Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion High Performance E-Bike

Before you jump on the bandwagon and buy the same e-bike model your neighbor rides, make sure you take a closer look at how key models in each category really stack up against each other. In this blog, we’ll be comparing high-performance moped-style electric bikes in the super-premium segment.

The HyperScorpion is the reigning king in this class, with several BEST E-BIKE titles from prominent e-bike journalists and experts. Its classic style harkens back to the motorbikes of the ’70s and ‘80s. While its modern enhancements and upgraded components deliver an incredibly powerful, safe, and smooth ride. Let’s take a look at how the HyperScorpion compares to a similar, also well-reviewed, model in this same category, the Class-X from Ariel Rider.

Juiced HyperScorpion Vs Arial X Infograph

Fully Loaded And Ready to Roll

When it comes to riding a moped style e-bike, you’ll want to be safe and be seen. The HyperScorpion comes standard with everything you need to feel confident sharing lanes with high-speed traffic, including rearview mirrors, a loud traffic horn, and integrated front and rear turn signals. 

While these accessories can be purchased as add ons with the X-Class, there is an additional cost and you’ll be responsible for installation. Some of these safety features, like a rearview mirror and loud horn, are required in many states in order to register your e-bike as a moped. If your e-bike doesn't come equipped with these components you're not really ready to ride. 

The Science Behind Our Sensor

One of the most important defining features of e-bike performance is pedal assist sensor technology (or lack of). Yes, a big motor and battery are great, but not if you don't have the equipment that is telling them what to do, which is essentially what pedal sensors are responsible for. 

Most e-bikes, including the Ariel X Class, feature a basic cadence sensor. Which is a system of magnets that are engaged as your e-bike cranks rotate. As you pedal, think of the magnets as a series of switches. When the switch gets flipped as you pedal you get a burst of energy from the motor. Since there are only 12 magnets, there will be gaps in power, which can create a more jerky pedal performance. Occasionally, surging or dropping out completely. 

The HyperScorpion, and most Juiced Bikes’ models, includes both torque and cadence pedal sensors, a system so advanced it detects how hard you are pedaling up to one thousand times per second. A torque sensor acts as a messenger, telling the controller and the motor to give you a power boost based on how hard you’re pedaling, and filling in any gaps in the cadence sensor's performance. E-bikes with both a torque and cadence pedal sensor deliver a ride that’s much smoother and more symbiotic, an almost bionic experience. 

Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion Torque Sensor

Product Availability

Another advantage of the HyperScorpion is that it’s available to ship in the next 30 days. Currently, the Ariel X Class is sold out and unavailable for preorder. If you order a HyperScorpion now, you’ll have your new ride in time for tons of summer riding adventures.  

At Juiced Bikes, we take e-bike performance very seriously, and strive to maximize the value we deliver to our riders. Never compromising on quality, performance, safety, or reliability, Juiced Bikes are the benchmark that all other e-bike brands aspire to. The HyperScorpion perfectly exemplifies our commitment to delivering best-in-class performance to every e-bike rider. Don’t just take our word for it, though, check out the accolades from various e-bike experts: 

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