Juiced Bikes Stories: The Throttle Makes All The Difference

Juiced Bikes Stories: The Throttle Makes All The Difference

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Juiced Bikes Stories: The Throttle Makes All the Difference

  Here at Juiced Bikes, we want to show that we appreciate our customers. What better way to do that than to talk about our customers and share their stories and experiences with our Juiced Bikes products. We are going to be starting a new blog series called “Juiced Bikes Stories.” We want our customers to know that not only do we care about selling bikes, but also who we are selling bikes to. So with that being said, feel free to share with us your own Juiced Bikes Story for a chance to be featured in our blog.

Our first story comes from a customer out of Webster, New York. In the Suburbs of Rochester.


Dan Hirst, 61, has been dealing with Type 1 Diabetes for 52 years now, but he never let that get in the way. He and his wife would still take trips across the country, fly in helicopters over the glaciers in Alaska, and he even became a certified scuba diver. He did all of this before the pain started to kick in, things started to hurt and tighten up. He had to sell the snowmobiles he owned as well as his dirt bikes. No longer could Dan ride around on his street bikes but had to change to a three-wheeled Spyder to make it easier on himself (still rode in style). He was becoming less and less mobile until low and behold, a Juiced Bikes ad runs across his computer screen. “Hmm that looks fun,” he thought to himself. So Dan and his wife decide to purchase a couple of CrossCurrent S bikes. Now when he rides and starts to feel a little pain, he no longer worries as he is able to just simply hit the throttle. “Without it, I probably can't travel 3 miles. With it, I can ride 25 miles,” he shared with me.  Now 8 months later Dan and Karen are both riding around the city on their stylish Juiced Bikes. “The perfect toy/exercise machine. Changed my life for the better. Way better. Thanks.” No Dan, thank YOU for being a Juiced Bikes customer. Welcome to the family!