Juiced Scrambler UPDATE - Scramblers in San Diego

Juiced Scrambler UPDATE - Scramblers in San Diego

Riding with Juiced


The Juiced Scramblers are here. From concept to reality in production form. We pushed ourselves right to the edge of what's possible and never lost focus on the most important thing: Shipping The Product!

Huge thanks to everyone who made this project a success, and a smaller thanks to the haters who fueled us through the hard times! Now lets get everyone their bikes!



The first batch of City and Camp Scramblers have arrived in SanDiego along with some HyperScramblers and CCX. The team is looking them over and starting to ship them out as soon as humanly possible. We plan to reach out to customers directly when the bikes start to ship out. If you don't hear from us don't worry more are coming and will continue to come until all the backorders are fulfilled.

We have big Black Friday deals running on all of our other in stock bikes including HyperFat, CCX, CCS, RipCurrent S, RipCurrent and OceanCurrent. These are the biggest deals we've ever offered and we're all hands on deck over the weekend. Pricing runs through Tuesday at midnight.