LAPD testing the value of electric bicycles

The Weekly Squeeze

THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2011 AT 10:19PM

Electric bicycles have found their way into the hands of the police -but for a good reason. According to a story by L.A. Times, a few e-bikes are being tested alongside standard issue police pedal bicycles in Los Angeles.  

The LAPD has 450 regular bicycles in its fleet, all of which are mountain bikes. Electric bicycles will not replace the mountain bikes, Bygum said.

"I wouldn't want all LAPD officers riding them because part of being an officer is being physically fit, so it takes away some of the physical conditioning required," Bygum said. "Electric bikes just give us another capability."

It is a shame that mountain bikes are recruited for patrol duty, considering that the officers are not patrolling a mountain.  Hopefully this test program will find that e-bikes can greatly extend the area which can be covered by an officer rather than serving to make him less fit. 

Source: LAPD experiments with electric bicycles, Susan Carpenter -
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