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News Updates - Early January 2010

Two e-bikes were in the news recently, the Sanyo Eneloop and the DK City's db0

Sanyo Eneloop

The Sanyo Enloop electric bicycle has been making rounds on the show-and-tell circuit. This week, it surfaced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There are several companies in Japan making PAS-type e-bikes. They have become quite popular in Japan and now began arriving in the States. 

The $2,299.95 pedal assist electric bicycle has top speed of 15 mph and a claimed 40+ miles range on one charge. That is a lot to ask from a relatively smallish 25.9V 5.7 Ah lithium-ion battery pack, but a regenerative function can pump electrons back into the battery when going downhill or braking. The European spec 250 W motor and low-step frame is kept at somewhat light 50 lbs.

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DK City's db0

DK City's db0 designed by Robrady emerged from the strobe lights and dancing celebrities at last month's launch party in Taipei. The key feature of this bike is the location of the battery. The cylindrical battery is "celebrated" by locating it in the joint of the main folding mechanism. The bike can flip over when folded and be wheeled about Brompton-style. No performance spec or price is available for the production bicycle

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