Juiced Bikes RipRacer vs. Pedego Element

Juiced Bikes RipRacer vs. Pedego Element

The Weekly Squeeze

As gas prices skyrocket to unimaginable new highs on a weekly basis,  it’s no surprise there’s been a massive surge in e-bike popularity. And with that surge, comes a myriad of electric bike brands and models. The sheer number of e-bike choices can be overwhelming, and confusing. To help (quite literally) clear the air, our How Juiced Stacks Up series, will show you exactly how specific Juiced e-bikes measure up to the competition.

The Rise of Fun-Size E-Bikes

One of many interesting things about e-bikes is the vast array of different styles to choose from. E-bikes can look almost identical to regular bicycles, or take on new and fun design choices that artfully combine a bicycle with electrical and motorized components.

Juiced Bikes RipRacer Vs Pedego Element Rise of Fun Size

One of those new and popular form factors is what we like to call a “fun-size” electric bike, with  a smaller frame, 20-inch wheels (usually with 4-inch wide fat tires), and a rear hub motor. Two popular offerings in that category available today include the new Juiced Bikes RipRacer and the Pedego Element. Both bikes feature 20-inch fat tires that are ready for the road or a little bit of dirt action, and the smaller wheel size and low-slung frame design means this kind of bike fits a wide range of riders – from just over five feet tall to well over six feet. However, smart shoppers would be wise to compare some key elements of these two vehicles before purchasing.

How They Compare

Juiced Bikes RipRacer vs Pedego Element Chart

First off, there’s the price. With the largest battery option selected for both models, the Juiced Bikes RipRacer is just $1,699 compared to $2,145 for the Element. Although the RipRacer actually costs less, the bike does not come up short in power & range! In fact, the RipRacer tops the competition. It’s equipped with a 750-Watt motor, compared to the competition’s 500-watt motor. This gives the RipRacer an advantage in speed as well, with a 28mph Class 3 pedal assist capability as opposed to the top speed of just 20mph.

The RipRacer also includes a larger battery with 777-Watt-hour capacity instead of just 672 Watt hours. That extra capacity gives the RipRacer a range of 40-55 miles on a charge instead of just 20 to 50. For any e-bike, range is affected by many factors like how riders set their assist level, how much they pedal, and the terrain where the bike is ridden (more hills = less range, typically). So, you’ll ALWAYS want to be sure to look for the highest capacity battery when shopping for an e-bike.

With extra speed comes the need for high-performance safety equipment, and the RipRacer has the advantage again with fully hydraulic disc brakes instead of the older tech – mechanical disc brakes on the Element. Hydraulic disc brakes have superior braking power at high speeds, are self-adjusting and provide much better brake feel through the lever than mechanical or cable-activated brakes. 

Juiced Bikes RipRacer vs Pedego Element High Performance

The RipRacer also includes a few upgrades that will cost you extra on the Element, including a bright LED headlight as standard (a $40 option on the Element) and a newly designed integrated brake light that is visible day or night. The battery on the RipRacer includes a slot to hold an Apple AirTag, so you’ll always know where your bike is when parked – or where it’s being ridden by friends & family. And little details count: The RipRacer’s seat includes a small grab handle for moving the bike around when it’s not being ridden.

An Easy Choice!

Overall, when you compare the two models, the Juiced Bikes RipRacer is a more complete, higher-performance e-bike than its competition, despite costing hundreds of dollars less. Juiced Bikes takes e-bike performance very seriously. Constant innovation and never compromising on quality, performance, safety, or reliability has made Juiced Bikes one of the most popular e-bike makers in the U.S. The new RipRacer brings more power, features and performance to this fun and exciting new style of e-bike, at prices well below competitors. Are you ready to ride? Then shop the RipRacer now!

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