Scorpion & HyperScorpion Update: June 12, 2020

Scorpion & HyperScorpion Update: June 12, 2020

The Weekly Squeeze

While everyone at our San Diego HQ has been working extremely hard shipping out Scorpion e-bikes over the last few weeks, I’ve been overseeing the final development and production of the HyperScorpion at our factory over the last week. We just finished production on the blue and brushed aluminum Hypers, and the very first production samples arrived in San Diego this week. We’ll be using these bikes to create set-up and assembly videos. 

I’ve been riding the HyperScorpion quite a bit this month; it’s basically my primary form of transportation. It’s not only an incredibly fun bike (easily hitting speeds 30+ MPH), but also very functional. The remote-controlled, anti-theft alarm is an especially important upgrade on the Hyper (increases in e-bike popularity = increases in e-bike theft). We’re working on several new accessories that should be available later this Summer. The passenger kit is still in development and I plan to have a more extensive update, with images, very soon. 

Earlier today, we reached another exciting milestone in the Scorpion Indiegogo campaign! All IGG orders for blue AND black Scorpion e-bikes have been shipped.  We’ve also shipped black Scorpions to all customers who pre-ordered on our website from November through May. Our expectation is to fulfill ALL open Scorpion orders (blue and black) in the next two weeks. 

For all of our patient HyperScorpion backers, we’re still on schedule to receive our first shipment of black Hypers later this month and plan to begin shipping before June 30th. The blue and brushed aluminum HyperScorpions will be shipping shortly after that, with the majority of orders shipping in early and mid July.  

Finally, a big THANK YOU to our new Scorpion riders for sharing pictures of their new bikes. Keep them coming! 

Photo Credit: EddieNSusie via Facebook

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