Scorpion X Live Stream FAQs

Scorpion X Live Stream FAQs

The Weekly Squeeze

Thank you for watching our Juiced Bikes Live Show last week! We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback and all of your great questions on the new Scorpion X. While we have responded to most questions posted, we thought it would be helpful to share a comprehensive Scorpion X FAQ in one convenient location. You asked and we're answering!

Q: Is there a chart that compares the previous Scorpion to the Scorpion X and to the HyperScorpion?

Scorpion X Comparison Infographic

Q: Why are there no mirrors?

Since the HyperScorpion is considered a moped in many states they require mirrors to be registered. As the Scorpion X is a Class 2 or 3 e-bike this is not required by law this is an optional accessory. 

 Q: Do you ship to Canada/International?

Our shipping and warranty policies only extend to the lower 48 United States. 

Q: Is this a geared motor? 

Yes! This is a geared rear hub motor.

Q: When can I get one?

Scorpion X is currently for sale! They are currently on pre-order so order ASAP to ensure an earlier delivery date.

Q: Will there be an option for the 19ah battery?

The 52v/19ah battery can be purchased separately or is exclusive to the HyperScorpion.

Q: Anyone know who makes that basket that Chris is using?

Hey! We're working to get more accessories available for our riders like this basket soon

Q: What Class is the Scorpion X?

The Scorpion X can be configured as a Class 2 or 3 e bike depending on how the owner configures the speeds using the LCD display.

Q: Is the brake light integrated?

Yes, this model will feature an integrated tail light.

Q: Can you add a child seat?

We have not tested our models with child carrying accessories. Riding a child rider on an ebike is at the descretion of the parent and should be done with extreme caution.

Q: Does this ebike come with mirrors and signal lights?

The mirrors can be purchased separately and the turn signals are exclusive to the HyperScorpion lighting system.

Q: What is the weight limit? Can you get a passenger seat?

The overall weight limit is 275lbs. Yes, we offer a passenger seat kit here.

Q: Can you talk more about the tires?

These are 4.25 x 20 " puncture resistant Innova tires. Due to ongoing supply chain constraints in the e-bike market, components may change without notice.

Q: Is the shifter backward?

The gear shifter is right-side up on this model. Due to ongoing supply chain constraints in the e-bike market, components may change without notice 

Q: Would you say the power distribution is evenly distributed throughtout the entirety of a battery's single charge?

This depends on the rider and what assist modes/speed/terrain they are traveling. It’s like a car, miles per gallon,  the faster you go the more hills and more acceleration makes MPG go down.

Q: I would like to know the difference between the HyperScorpion and the Scorpion X?

The HyperScorpion has even more upgrades than the Scorpion X. The HyperScorpion offers a larger 1000w retroblade motor, 52v/19ah battery range, higher top speed up to 30+, alarm and turn signals.

Q: How do you transport these bikes?

You will need a hitch rack with the appropriate weight capacity to hold the models. It is recommended to look into motorcycle racks or toy carriers as the wieght load is higher.

Q: Is there a discount for purchasing 2 bikes?

Yes, you can use 2BIKEOFFER to take $200 off the sale of 2 models. This cannot be combined with any other site codes.

Q: Do you have to pedal or does it have a throttle also?

You may ride throttle on flat ground up to 20 mph. It is still recommended to use pedal assist to climb hills.

Q: Is the 750w and dual sensor available on the Ripcurrent S?

Yes, this is a feature on all our premium models.

Q: Can you add a second battery for long distance rides?

You may purchase a separate battery and carry in a bag or on a rack, however, this model is not designed to utilize both batteries at the same time.

Q: Does it come together or will I need a mechanic to assemble?

These models come about 80% assembled and we have detailed build videos on our YouTube Channel. It is best to watch these and assess whether you feel comfortable assembling yourself. If you do not wish to assemble contact to get in touch with a mobile mechanic.

Q: Is there a financial help program to be able to purchase?

Yes, we offer financing through Klarna.

Q: I'm a 70 year old woman. Which step through would be a good model for me who has never owned one?

While we have riders of all ages it is important to access your health and riding skills. As with any new workout routine make sure you discuss this with your Doctor to see if this is a good choice for your physical needs prior to purchase. 

Q: What inseam range will the Scorpion X fit and be able to pedal comfortably?

The seat hieght is 33" but the step through design allows some forgiveness. This should fit from 30" inseams and higher.

Q: Will there be any other colors if the future?

There are no plans at this time to offer additional colors.

Q: Do you recommend greasing the chain?

Most chains will come pregreased but you may use grease as needed when preforming maintenance.

Q: Is this the same motor as the HyperScorpion?

While these are the same Bafang motor they have been configured to different wattage. The Scorpion X will be a 750w motor, while the HyperScorpion will be a 1000w motor.

Q: What is the top Speed on throttle?

You will be able to go up to 20 mph on throttle only.

Q: Are the silver ones bare aluminum?

The brushed aluminum frame is brushed and then clear coated.

Q: Wondering about seat height? I am short

The seat height is 33" and can accommodate all the way down to 5'2.

Q: Do you have local service centers / authorized dealers?

We are direct to customer from our website, however many of our customers use for service and maintenance. 

Q: Will the Scrambler of Hyper Scrambler ever be made in the Blues color?

At this time there are no plans to make an electric blue Scrambler model.

Q: When would I expect to recipe in NJ if I order today?

If models are in stock they will ship out within 5-7 business days from ordering. If a model is on pre-sale it will have a quoted shipping date.

Q: How do you unlock it to Class 3 as mentioned in the video by Tora?

Hold the +- buttons down on the models LCD to access the main menu. Using the +- buttons navigate to NDW. Then use the power button to select NDW. Now using the + button lift your NDW level to 5. Using these same steps you can also lower your model back to Class 2.


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