Scrambler INDIEGOGO Update: $600K and more!

Scrambler INDIEGOGO Update: $600K and more!

The Weekly Squeeze

Sorry for the slow speed of the updates. So much is happening. We wanted to make a post about hitting $500K for the backers, but by the time we got to post something it was already passing $600K. Big thanks to everyone who has made this campaign a success. 

We have taken every bit of feedback from our backers and worked hard to get them on the bikes. One of the things was the unlock for faster speed. 

We will have a upgrade kit for the CityScramblers and CampScramblers to remove the 20 mph limit for backers who want to use the bikes off public roads. The HyperScrambler is already designed for off-roads and does not have this limitation. 

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And now some video updates:

July 24th-26th, 2018 - Juiced Scrambler - One month in China making this e-bike

July 25th - 26th - Heading Home After one full month in China, its time to get home. We have packed up the first batch of HyperScramblers and new HF1100. The container will load on Monday. I brought back with me one brushed aluminum Scrambler Frame. We will swap it with one of the 3 black demo bikes that we sent back. I can’t wait to see what the Brushed Scrambler will look like.

July 18th - 24th 2018 - Scrambler - Non-Stop Development!

Juiced Bikes is now one of the fastest growing e-bike companies in the world. We continue the tradition of non-stop development with the launch of the Scrambler. From affordable to super high performance we deliver the products you want at a price that makes sense. We now surpassed $600K in funding thanks to our backers who made this INDIEGOGO campaign a success.

July 18th 2018 - City Scrambler - Speed Test

The CityScrambler and CampScrambler will ship with a right twist throttle and left twist gear shifter. The throttle MUST ship with 20 MPH limitation per regulation. However the pedal assist can be set to go up to 28 MPH. We will offer a “modification” to remove the 20 MPH throttle-only limitation. This modification can only be used on non-public roads.

HyperScrambler - Throttle-Only Speed Test

Some backers asked about the throttle-only performance. Here is a quick video showing the throttle only riding. On level ground it can reach about 34 MPH (55 km/h) without pedaling. This is the stock configuration with knobby tires at 25 psi and the 52V 19.2Ah pack. With the slicks, it might be slightly faster. With pedal assist we boost the power a little more and about 37 MPH (60 km/h) can be reached. This is a MAC 1100W motor

Juiced HyperScrambler - First Official Speed Test

I had a little rest over the weekend (not really). Monday I had a quick moment to test the HyperScrambler as the first batch was getting packed up. Results: With a charged battery pack, level ground and pedal assist the bike was able to go about 37 MPH (60 km/h). With throttle alone 30+ MPH was possible. That is well beyond what we promised. This is a serious piece of machinery. We can go ahead and box these up to be sent to the USA.

UPDATE: July 18th, 2018

Update July 18th, 2018: Today I went over to check on the 3 units that are getting flown over to the USA for some YouTube reviewers. It is also the first time I got to test the improved controllers. The performance is sick! It hits all the performance numbers that we have required. It might be a little too high performance. The level ground pedal assist was about 35 mph and 30+ on the throttle only.

UPDATE: July 16th, 2018

Sunday is just barely enough time to get some rest. We have a container of our RipCurrent S fat bikes shipping and I just wanted to swing over to make sure some parts are ordered at the last second. The new 52V/19.2Ah packs are already starting to come in and I went over to have a look. Later I jumped over to a nearby city to work on something special!


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