Scrambler Update - First week after the INDIEGOGO campaign

Scrambler Update - First week after the INDIEGOGO campaign

Riding with Juiced

Right after the close of the successful IGG campaign I waste no time and get on the next plane back to the factory to check on the progress of everything back in China. 

We have new RipCurrent / RipCurrent S finishing up and need to be checked and then boxed up for shipping later in the week. 

City and Camp Scramblers parts are coming in and we start on the sub assembly’s as we wait for some slow to arrive parts. 

The first batch of HyperFats HF1100 arrived to the USA and now we are finishing up the next batch but there is some kind of display shortage from the supplier and completed displays are slow to arrive. 

The new 52V CrossCurrent X parts arrive and ready for assembly next week. This is an incredibly exciting product set to redefine the sport-commuter category again. 

Later in the week we shipped RipCurrents and loads of parts which will arrive in the USA around late September. 

Back at the Scrambler factory we get a little closer to the next batch of scramblers getting on the line. The next weeks are going to be the hardest ever with scramblers, HFs, CCXs, CCs, RCs among other projects. This is on top of a ridiculous US trade war with China. We need to be very focused to keep everything moving forward.