Testing: 2009-09-10 Max Legal Power/Speed/Throttle

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This test was a simulation of California-Legal E-bike setup riding as fast as allowed over smooth surface with constantly changing elevation. In this test the bicycle was 100% motor-only and full throttle the whole time. No effort was made to extend range by pedaling or aerodynamics. As few as possible stops were made. This is an attempt to drain the battery as quickly as legally possible.

Per Regulation: Speed was limited to 20 mph (32.2 kph). Current was limited to 15 A which limited the power output to about 750 W. Low voltage cut-in was set at 46 V and the BMS will shut the system down at 43 V. The Cycle Analyst will cut down the throttle if the current or max speed conditions are exceeded. The Controller is 20 A and the bike can reach 27 mph (43.4 kph) when unregulated. Conditions were sunny but windy, smooth road, and only a few times the bike needed to stop for traffic. 
  • The bicycle ran for 1:40:46 and covered a distance of 31.5 mi (50.7 km) 
  • Average speed was about 19 mph (30.5 kph)  
  • The pack put out 14.73 Ah/726 Wh at a rate of 22.8 Wh/mi (14.2 Wh/km)
  • It climbed 1572 ft (479 m) and nearly same on return before it stopped.