The CCX is on the way!

The CCX is on the way!

The Weekly Squeeze

Get ready!

52 Volts, 19.2 Am-hours, 25 Amps controller, 750W motor power with 1,300 Watts peak performance in the new Race Mode. Mind-reading pedal assist system. 180 mm hydraulic disc stoppers. All of this sitting on top of the best e-bike tires available today.

Wow! You just found your new obsession.

Rows of brand new CrossCurrent X in the warehouse ready to be shipped

The first CCX are on the way! This shipment is estimated to arrive in the San Diego Warehouse October 26th. We will need a few days to inspect and test each unit before going out to pre-order customers.


We cant wait till the first “real” customer reviews come out. You will be blown away!