The Quintessential Summer E-bike

The Quintessential Summer E-bike

The Weekly Squeeze

Here is your official warning -- the end of Summer is near. Sure, Summer isn't officially 'over' until September 20, but let's be honest, after the 4th of July, time takes on a warp-speed quality and we're all left scratching our heads in mid-August wondering 'how is it possible Summer is over already'. The countdown is on for back-to-school sales, the return of pumpkin-spice everything and yes.... the dreaded early arrival of Christmas merchandise. If you're desperate for time to slow down a bit, to enjoy the longer days, the warm air, the smell of sunscreen on slightly burned skin, then it's time to meet the quintessential electric bike of Summer. Every season has a vibe, of course, and no e-bike matches the vibe of Summer like the new RipCurrent S Step-Through. Discover all of the ways this  micro-mobility gem will help you squeeze all of the juicy goodness out of Summer, and keep you feeling Summer vibes all year long.

1. Get outside & stay outside longer:

Longer days means you need an e-bike that can take you out on longer rides. Don’t let e-bike range anxiety shorten those glorious afternoon rides. The RipCurrent S Step-Through is capable of riding over 70+ miles on a SINGLE CHARGE! It easily takes you from day ride to night rides. The bigger 52V/19.2Ah battery can power you through all your journeys without skimping out on performance. Also, the summer fun doesn’t have to stop when the street lights come on! Every model has a super bright 1050 lumen LED headlight so even sunset can’t stop your e-bike adventures. 



2. Discover new places:

Get off the beaten track and explore new heights with the RipCurrent S Step-Through. The versatile puncture-resistant knobby tires are aggressive enough to handle off-road trails but efficient enough for on-road commuting. No matter where you ride, the air fork on this bike adds a comfy front suspension for rolling over any bumps along the way. Also, each RipCurrent S Step-Through features sturdy plastic fenders so a light summer rain won’t get you down.

3. Carry all your Summer fun gear!

Summer activities require essential gear no matter where you are headed. Every RipCurrent S Step-Through comes standard with a rear rack capable of carrying 25kg of all your summer essentials.. We also offer a ton of great accessories to customize your rack. This wood crate helps get you to a whole new level of haul. Need storage that can come with you? Check out the pannier bag, the versatile straps help you to use it as a messenger bag or a backpack when not attached to the bike.



4. Get Healthy!

Millions of riders around the world have already discovered that electric bikes are an incredibly fun and effective way to get (and stay) in shape. There is no better way to have heart-racing, blood-pumping, epic Summer ADVENTURE than riding an e-bike. The RipCurrent S Step-Through offers 6 levels of pedal assistance so you can control how much help the rear hub motor delivers, giving you the option to dynamically customize the intensity of every ride. This model also features the dual torque/cadence sensor that picks up how hard you are pedaling up to 1000x per second for the most symbiotic and efficient pedaling experience. 

Juiced Bikes Best E-Bike for Summer

5. Have Fun! 

Let’s not forget the best reason to buy a RipCurrent S Step-Through this Summer – to have FUN! Feel like a kid again, in every season, by zooming up to 28 mph using pedal assist or just cruise around town using the throttle up to 20 mph. The pedal assist will help you keep up with the kids and never miss out on a Summer memory. Remember, when you get a Juiced Bike you become a member of one of the largest growing rider communities out there. Meet new friends within the Juiced Bikes Community, or go on a group ride with your own family and friends, just remember to HAVE FUN. Time is ticking, that summer countdown clock is moving faster and faster every day. Don't become a victim to wasted summer regret, with the sadly familiar exclamation "What happened to my summer!". Reclaim your summer, and feel those summer vibes all year with the new RipCurrent S Step-Through. Pre-order NOW and start riding in mid-August.

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