The Ultimate Guide to Riding & Storing Your E-Bike in the Winter

The Ultimate Guide to Riding & Storing Your E-Bike in the Winter

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! For those of us living in colder climates, that means it’s time to decide if you should store or winterize your electric bike. For those that decide to brave the weather and elements, it’s important to know some basic winter riding safety tips and ensure  your e-bike is properly cared for. If you’re more of a fair weather riding enthusiast thinking about giving your e-bike a little winter rest, be aware that the way you store your electric bike will affect its performance when Spring arrives. Here are some basic and simple steps to protect both you and your ride this winter. 

Winter Riding Tips Juiced Bikes

Winter Warriors - Cold Weather Safety Tips:

Let’s get this out of the way… YES, you can ride your e-bike in the winter. Just be aware that winter riding in certain conditions (extreme cold, snow, etc.) will require a bit of extra maintenance, protection, and care. 

Battery Smarts for Riding:

Cold weather plays a factor in how you should charge your battery. If it’s cold outside the battery needs to get to room temperature before charging, never immediately charge right after a ride. Freezing temps can reduce your riding range as well so do not expect the same mileage that you typically get in other seasons. There’s a few ways to combat this like storing your battery inside when it’s not in use. Another way is to add the new Juiced battery cover and bag . This accessory can help keep your battery’s performance up and gives you added protection against the elements. 

Prep Your Ride:

Before you set out on a ride this winter, you want to be sure your e-bike is prepared! Change your tires to studded models for hard-packed snow and ice or fat knobby tires for softer snow. You may even want to heat-shrink your cable connections and LCD screen for extra protection from rain and snow. 

Winter Riding Tips Juiced Bikes

Are You Road Ready?:

Riding in the winter is NOT like riding during other seasons. When you go out on your first winter ride, it’s essential to start off slow and acknowledge your experience level. Newbies should take a test ride without the motor on at first, just to get a feel for the terrain. No matter what, drive more slowly than you would in the summer and always give yourself more time for braking. You never know when you may hit a patch of black ice! After each ride, you’ll want to clean the salt, water, and gravel off of the bike with a clean, dry towel.

Remember Winter days get dark earlier. Make sure your headlight, rear light, and helmet light are on while you’re riding. It’s also important to wear reflective clothing and add reflective decals to your model. You want to make yourself as visible as possible to all forms of traffic!

Storage Kings - Smart Tips for Winter E-Bike Storage:

If you're uncomfortable riding in extreme weather or severe winter conditions, you're probably thinking about storing your e-bike for the next 2-3 months.Take time to refresh yourself on these storage tips if you’re deciding to store your e-bike for Winter.

Battery Smarts for Storage:

It’s essential to store your battery inside and at the correct charge level to help maintain the life of your battery. Ideally, you want to keep your charge at about 50% capacity when storing. Now, the battery will self-discharge over time - so if you’re not riding for two months or more, be sure to check the charge every so often and charge back up to 50% when needed. 

Winter Riding Tips Juiced Bikes

Winter Cleaning:

It’s crucial to store your battery correctly and your e-bike! Store your bike in a dry, clean, and temperate area. Messy garages cause many household accidents. So if it's a concern, it may be time for some seasonal cleaning, or if you have the space, just bring your bike inside for the winter. 

If your garage is cold or damp, definitely store the battery, if not the whole bike inside. Most electric bikes have water-resistant batteries, but condensation and changing temperatures can affect many electrical and mechanical components on the bike. 

Winter Riding Tips Juiced Bikes

Whether you are storing your e-bike or riding this winter, these tips will help you take the best care of your e-bike. Looking to deck out your ride for winter? Check out our accessories collection to find the best winter riding accessories like new mirrors, road-side tools, or our battery cover.

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