Our Top 5 Modded Juiced Bikes

Our Top 5 Modded Juiced Bikes

The Weekly Squeeze

Juiced riders can be an extraordinarily creative bunch — where some may just see an electric bicycle, these trailblazers see a rolling canvas prime for unique and head-turning mods that express their individuality. Since the first Juiced bike rolled onto the streets in 2010, we’ve been awestruck at the sheer creativity our riders have displayed in their captivating customizations, from motorcycle-style lighting fairings to custom sidecars perfect for canine passengers. We’re excited to share a few of the most striking, one-of-a-kind e-bike mods we’ve seen to inspire you to add some personal touches to your electric bike!

Cosmic Cruiser

Juiced Bikes Top 5 Modded Juiced Bikes Cosmic Cruiser

Take one look at Savannah Saturn’s (also known online as TrippyDraws) custom hand-painted HyperScrambler 2, and you’ll instantly take a trip to a fascinating dimension of psychedelic splendor. The 23-year-old Pennsylvanian artist, musician, and content creator used paint, markers, and stickers to make her Juiced bike look like something out of this world. You’ll want to spend hours drinking in all the eclectic eye candy — swirling galaxies, little green aliens, a mini disco ball, and a groovy vibrant paint job create a truly cosmic-cool aesthetic. The finishing touch? Check out how Saturn decorated the dual battery packs on her HyperScrambler 2 to look like books! 

If you dig how TrippyDraws totally transformed her Juiced bike into a two-wheeled trippy art exhibit, follow her on Instagram!


Juiced Bikes Top 5 Modded Juiced Bikes Bow Wow

Who said the thrill of Juiced Bikes can only be enjoyed by humans? Certainly not Jeff Schildgen! The crafty San Diego resident added a sleek black crate to the back of his HyperScorpion Express so his canine companion can embark on exciting excursions to beaches, parks, and more. A bright yellow Scorpion draws plenty of admiring glances from people, but Jeff punched up the curb appeal by adding decals to his bike frame to create a unique caution tape aesthetic. 

Macho Machine

Juiced Bikes Top 5 Modded Juiced Bikes Macho Man

Some say love knows no borders — and this is definitely the case with Luke McKinna, who had his HyperScorpion shipped thousands of miles from the U.S. all the way to Scotland! Leaving the exceptional mechanical components of his Scorpion stock, Luke instead elevated the aesthetics and functionality with a few eye-catching enhancements. A custom-fabricated lighting faring evokes motorcycle vibes and really complements the Scorpion's moped-inspired styling. McKinna also upgraded his Juiced bike with a bespoke passenger seat and backrest to let his buddies come along for joy rides around his neighborhood. Setting off the whole package are tan wall tires that, in our humble opinion, really lend Luke’s bike a timeless look. 

More Than Meets the Eye

Juiced Bikes Top 5 Modded Juiced Bikes More Than Meets the Eye

San Diego Juiced rider Arnell Gallardo has really outdone himself with all the awesome mods he’s added to his HyperScrambler 2. At first glance, you may just spot the front shock with gold vinyl-wrapped upper and modified mirrors. But look a little closer, and you may catch the handlebar-mounted Bluetooth speaker, headlight grill cover, custom carbon fiber vinyl-wrapped plexiglass covers, and folding pegs. The lengthy list of upgrades doesn’t stop there, though — Arnell lowered the rear of his Juiced bike with a 9.25-inch air gas shock with reservoir, and added trick lighting like a yellow fog light, strobe/steady white led cube pods, and LED lighting under the top tube. We love the subtlety of Arnell’s modifications and think it’s the perfect blend of form and function. 

Dog’s Best Friend

Juiced Bikes Top 5 Modded Juiced Bikes Dogs Best Friend

You can call Tyler Forester the MacGyver of Juiced modders — give him some metal wire, electrical tape, and a couple of weekends, and he’ll fasten a dog-ready sidecar onto a HyperScorpion! The Ohioan e-bike enthusiast works for a prominent auto manufacturer nearby but also owns a small e-bike business where he services and repairs e-bikes and even converts customers’ traditional bicycles into electric bikes. We love Tyler's ingenious setup, but how do his dogs like it? Forester says that his one-year-old Rat Terrier Bron loves calling shotgun in the sidecar, but 11-year-old Rat Terrier M.J. prefers to travel on four paws. You can’t please them all! So far, Tyler has logged 387 miles on his Scorpion, and he looks forward to many more miles cruising with his passenger pup. Check out all of Tyler’s sidecar shenanigans on his YouTube channel!

Make Your Juiced Bike Your Own

When it comes to personalizing your electric bicycle, these inventive Juiced riders prove that the sky's the limit. If you're considering modding your e-bike but don't know where to start, be bold, be passionate, and most importantly, be yourself — you're brimming with tremendous creative energy just waiting to be unlocked! 

Did these modded Juiced bikes get your creative juices flowing, but you don’t have a bike yet? Take our bike quiz to see which Juiced ride is right for you!

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