The Ultimate Holiday E-Bike Buyer's Guide

The Ultimate Holiday E-Bike Buyer's Guide

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Are you stressing over finding the perfect gift this holiday season? Do you have a few hard-to-shop-for loved ones who deserve something extra special this year? Do you want to WIN Christmas this year with a gift that can’t possibly be topped. Well, the stress ends now! The ultimate holiday gift that’s sure to WOW them this season is a high-performance Juiced electric bike!  A new e-bike is absolutely the perfect way to sleigh your Christmas list. Juiced Bikes offers one of the widest assortments of epic e-bike styles and models, fully equipped with best-in-class performance, safety and comfort features. 

Now that you’re ready to gift an e-bike for the holiday season, check out this Buyer’s Guide guide! Be warned! With huge holiday discounts on our best-selling bikes, you may just have to gift one to yourself. 

RipCurrent S

The rider-favorite RipCurrent S is made for riding just about everywhere and is the perfect e-bike for adventure seekers!

Juiced Bikes Ultimate Electric Bikes Holiday Buyers Guide

What to love: The upgraded RipCurrent S is equipped with a powerful 1000 watt motor pushing speeds up to 28mph and a massive 52V/19.2Ah (998.4 watt hour) battery that powers a riding range of 70+ miles on a single charge. The fat, knobby tires make this e-bike extremely versatile for riding in all types of terrain, from dirt paths and secluded trails to suburban neighborhood streets. The RipCurrent S is available in both a step-over and step-through frame, making it accessible for nearly every rider height.

What to know: While the RipCurrent S boasts a big riding range, if you’re looking for a longer-range e-bike and don’t need the all-terrain capabilities, check out the CrossCurrent X which gets 80+ miles on a single charge. And if your loved one really wants to have the ability to carry a passenger, look into the HyperScrambler 2 which has a longer seat, perfect for two riders, or the HyperScorpion with passenger kit.

Accessorize this ride: Looking for a stocking stuffer to gift with the RipCurrent S? Pair it with the Juiced Horn/Alarm for added safety & security while riding. This accessory works like a car horn and alerts drivers of your presence on the road AND works like a security alarm when you leave your bike unattended.


The  HyperScorpion, a moped style e-bike, is a micromobility masterpiece! And universally loved by thousands of happy riders. One of our best-selling electric bikes, this model is incredibly fast and powerful, but also exceptionally functional and versatile.

Juiced Bikes Ultimate HolidayElectric Bikes Buyer's Guide HyperScorpion

What to love: From their first ride, HyperScorpion owners love the power, speed and riding range. And, it’s fully loaded with all the bells and whistles, like a rear rack, fender package, hydraulic disc brakes, and a keyed ignition. This e-bike has won numerous awards because of its incredible functionality and safety too. The bike comes with upgraded safety features like turn signals, an integrated brake light, horn, alarm, and mirrors to keep riders safe while riding in traffic. Many riders have made this e-bike their primary mode of transportation due to its incredible 70+ mile range. 

What to know: E-bikes typically weigh more than traditional bikes and the HyperScorpion is no exception at about 100lbs. If you’re looking for a lighter-weight electric bike consider the RipRacer or CrossCurrent X. The HyperScorpion is shipped with smoother tires so if you want to do a lot of off-roading, you’ll need to switch to knobby tires after you receive the bike. And if your loved one is taller than 6 feet, we recommend purchasing a Tall Seat  which adds three inches to the seat height.

Accessorize this ride: Almost everyone carries their phone with them while away from home, and the Phone Mount with Charger allows you to go hands free while riding. This accessory will connect to your e-bike’s battery too so you never have to worry about your phone running out of juice.


One of our latest e-bikes, the RipRacer, is a ton of fun packed into a smaller bike frame with fat knobby tires making it perfect for just about everyone in the family. If you’re looking to surprise the entire family with one Christmas gift, this is it! 

Juiced Bikes Ultimate Holiday Electric Bike Buyer's Guide RipRacer

What to love: When we say that anyone can ride this bike, we mean it. Thanks to its smaller frame, adjustable seat height, and sturdy build anyone in the family can enjoy this bike! Riders can go up to 28mph on this model and are surprised by its peppy performance. The RipRacer can be customized with numerous accessories like fenders, rear rack, and RelayBasket to make it even more functional. If you’re looking for a bike to keep in smaller living spaces, this compact model is the best option out of the entire Juiced lineup. 

What to know: The RipRacer comes with one gear and while many riders are just fine with the simplicity (and this model has plenty of pedal power), a few riders may prefer a multi-gear ride. This e-bike comes in two versions – a Class 2 and Class 3. If you have a rider under 16 years old, we highly recommend purchasing the Class 2 to stay within the legal riding age limit. But, be sure to check out the laws & regulations in your area as the riding age varies from state to state. The RipRacer does not have suspension and is our most simple bike design but is also our most cost-friendly model that starts at $999 during our Holiday Sale. 

Accessorize this ride: More storage on an e-bike is never a bad thing. The RelayBasket attaches to the front of any RipRacer allowing you to carry more groceries and cargo when you ride. And if you have the RelayRack installed, the basket can be used on the back of the bike.

HyperScrambler 2

The HyperScrambler 2 is our most powerful and longest-range electric bikes. It is the perfect present for someone with a need for speed!

Juiced Bikes Ultimate Holiday Electric Bike Buyer's Guide HyperScrambler 2

What to love: The stand-out feature of the HyperScrambler 2 is the dual batteries which offer 1,996 Watt Hours of power and an insane riding range of 100+ miles on a single charge. You won’t ever have to worry about running out of juice when you’re out for a ride! Besides riding range, this e-bike offers plenty of power, torque and thrilling speed. It rides up to 30+ mph when pedaling and 30mph on throttle alone thanks to its huge 1000 Watt motor with 2000 watts of peak power! The bike is packed with upgraded features like turn signals, integrated brake lights, horn, alarm, super bright headlight, and more. The HyperScrambler 2 is the ultimate holiday gift and will really wow them with these incredible features!

What to know: Similar to the HyperScorpion, the HyperScrambler 2 is a heavy e-bike. If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight model, this is probably not the right model for you. Also, this bike is made with a larger step-over frame, so it’s not a comfortable riding experience for riders under 5’6. If you love the style of this model but want something more budget-friendly, check out the Scrambler  which has the same style but less upgrades.

Accessorize this ride: With the large riding range of this model, it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything while riding. We recommend carrying the Portable Air Pump if you need to fill up a tire when out on the road. This compact, lightweight, and multi-purpose pump with an emergency flashlight can be added to your cycling kit without taking up space.

CrossCurrent X

The ultimate commuting machine, the CrossCurrrent X is a traditional-style bike with the addition of a massive battery and motor. It has many upgraded features making it a functional and comfortable car replacement for the eco-conscious commuter in your life!

Juiced Bikes Ultimate Holiday Electric Bike Buyer's Guide CrossCurrent X

What to love: Riders rave about the CrossCurrent X’s 80+ mile range thanks to its large 52V/19.2Ah (998.4 watt hours) battery. It really is the dream commuter! This e-bike comes in multiple frame styles and sizes so it fits many riders at different heights. The cadence & torque pedal sensors on this model, which are also included on most of our other models, are another feature riders can’t stop raving about. It’s a super intuitive pedaling experience that applies more power to the motor based on the strength of your pedaling. The harder you pedal, the faster you’ll go!

What to know: If your loved one is commuting on city or suburb streets, the puncture-resistant road tires on this model are perfect for that environment. If you’re looking for something with the flexibility to ride both on-road and offroad, check out the RipCurrent S. The style of the CrossCurrent X is fairly traditional so if you’re looking for an e-bike with a more unique style the HyperScorpion or HyperScrambler  2 is for you. 

Accessorize this ride: Almost every commuter needs a way to carry more cargo with them and the Pannier Bag does just that! Simply attach it to the CrossCurrent X’s rear rack and you have a stylish and functional way to carry anything you want to bring along on your ride. Or use one on each side of the bike and carry even more!

From commuters to adventure seekers, Juiced has an e-bike for everyone on your gift list. This holiday season, get them the gift of electric mobility and buy a Juiced Bike during our Holiday Sale! With all e-bikes on sale and up to $700 off, you really can’t go wrong. And, don’t forget about stocking stuffers – all Juiced accessories are 20% off with code"JINGLE" during our Holiday Sale too.

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