What are E-Bike Classes and How Do They Affect You?

What are E-Bike Classes and How Do They Affect You?

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Shopping for a new e-bike? Then it’s important to understand the e-bike laws in your state. E-bike classifications can be confusing, especially if you are just becoming more familiar with e-bikes, but this is vital information for anyone looking for an e-bike to know. In most of the United States, e-bike legislation is broken down into three classes: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. We’re going to teach you the differences between each so you can choose the best e-bike for you. 


Credit: NCSL.org

Class 1:

The Class 1 e-bike is equipped with a motor and provides assistance only when the rider pedals, and stops assisting when you reach 20 mph This is a perfect e-bike class for most beginners or even young riders in some states. Typically these are acceptable in most places where you would be able to ride a standard non-electric bike - bike lanes, bike paths, or roads. The biggest difference is that a Class 1 bike will have pedal assist technology which kicks in when the rider is pedaling and stops assisting when you reach a speed of 20 mph. Most cities treat a Class 1 e-bike like any regular bike, however you should always check with local authorities before riding if you are unsure. 


Class 2:

The Class 2 e-bike is equipped with a throttle which provides a boost without pedaling, and stops assisting at 20 mph. Class 2 is very similar to Class 1, the biggest difference is that a Class 2 e-bike will also feature a throttle which can propel the bike up to 20 mph without pedaling. This is a great advantage if you are unable to pedal because of an injury or limited mobility. Throttles can also give you a much needed break out on long cruises. All Juiced Bikes ship as Class 2 e-bikes so you can choose how to ride – pedaling or using the throttle alone. Class 2 e-bikes can also be used on Off-highway vehicle lanes (OHV). If you're unfamiliar with OHV trails, they are popular paths for enthusiasts with dirt bikes, golf carts, jeeps and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs.) 


Class 3:

The Class 3 e-bike is equipped with a speedometer, and assists only until the bike reaches 28 mph — an excellent choice for commuters. Speed is the biggest difference in Class 3 e-bikes. Class 3 e-bikes are an electric bicycle rider favorite because these offer pedal assistance up to 28 mph, which gets you to your destination faster and with less effort. Now certain states define Class 3 specifically as not having a throttle, if this is the case in your state, the throttles of any of our models can be easily disconnected by the owner. All Juiced Bikes can be unlocked to Class 3 by using the LCD display.


Knowing the law is each rider's personal responsibility but getting an e-bike that can go anywhere is easy. Need more help understanding e-bike classifications before buying? Check out our handy guide. We have a whole line of amazing e-bikes which can be tuned to any Class! All Juiced Bikes come unlocked to Class 3 and give owners the ability to lock the speed down to Class 2 or 1 using the LCD display. And if you are ready to find out which e-bike is perfect for you and all your riding needs, take our bike quiz!

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