HyperFat HF1000 E-Bike (Discontinued)
HyperFat HF1000 E-Bike (Discontinued)
HyperFat HF1000 E-Bike (Discontinued)

HyperFat HF1000 E-Bike (Discontinued)

Regular price $ 3,749.00

Update: 2018-09-10: See the new HF !


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Test Ride Footage with the 12T setup - More to come

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The base price has increased to include standard Air Suspension  and Free Shipping to anywhere in the Continental USA.

Bikes come with 2A chargers. Max weight capacity: 150kg (330 lbs). 

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Building The Hype / Blog Update (view) 

Follow our progress as we create one of the most incredible fat-tire bikes available today. 

2017-10-28 HyperFat 1000W - Then suddenly… it’s possible

2017-10-05 HyperFat 1000 Production Update: Try Harder [Video]

2017-09-07 Quick Update on the HyperFat Founders Series

2017-06-11 First Production Units [Video]    The first units of over 400 bikes that need to get built. We are working a maximum speed to get these high performance bikes out in the field. 

Major update to the HyperFat product    Topics include: Product Availability, Suspension fork, MAC motors, High Torque 12T option, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Multiple Frame Sizes, Rear Rack and Mud Guards and more.

2017-05-01 Having fun with the radar gun [Video]

2017-04-26 The HyperFat is coming to America!

2017-04-19: Making The Case For A Bigger Battery [Video]

2017-04-16: HyperFat 1000W High-Speed Onboard Experience [Video](38min video)

 2017-04-10: MAC 1000 Watt Motor Factory Visit [Video] 

 2017-04-08: Custom Wire Harness [Video] 

2017-04-02: HyperFat Product Update and Overview [Video]

2017-04-02: HyperFat Hill Climb and Acceleration Demonstration [Video] 

2017-04-02: HyperFat High Speed Demonstration at 32 mph [Video] 

2017-03-21: Pre-production HF1000 Shakedown Runs [Video]

2017-03-20: HyperFat 1000 W Frame Hits the Gym [Video]

2017-03-17: Winter Production Highlights [Video]

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Update May 2017: Forks Upgraded to Air Suspension (not shown in images)










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