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HyperFat Upgrade - MAC 12T "High Torque" Motor Option

HyperFat Upgrade - MAC 12T "High Torque" Motor Option

$ 99.00

Add the 12T High Torque option to your HyperFat HF750 or HF1000 order (+$99)

Order this option with your HyperFat and it will be added. Otherwise please specify your HyperFat Order Number in the note section at checkout.

MAC 12T High Torque Motor Winding Option for customers who want higher torque for hill-climbing. This will result in a slight decrease in top speed. 

Winding more copper around the motor's stator gives you more torque and less speed. Less windings will give you more speed and less torque. The MAC motor and most other motors of this type can only be set up with one type of winding. 

The production HyperFat is set up with a 9T winding which was selected to target a top speed performance of 30+ mph with pedal assist, yet provide good hill climbing performance. 

For riders who are heavier or have more hills, we have a 12T motor winding option which provides more torque performance, but reduced top speed. The estimated top speed of around 25-26 mph with the 12T setup. With this option chosen, only the motor is changed everything else remans that same. 



Frequently asked questions: 


Q: What does the "T" in "12T" stand for?

The "T" is for "Turns". In motor vocabulary, we speak about how many turns of copper motor has per pole. 


Q: Why would I want to select the 12T option?

Select this option if you have heavier payload, have many hills, plan to ride with low pressures or do a lot of off-roading. In those situations you will not be going too fast anyway. 


Q: Is there more drag with the 12T option? 

No, the motor has a freewheeling clutch in all motors so there is no drag. 


Q: What is the drawback of using the 12T?

There will be a reduction in top speed. Basically you trade lower end torque for top end speed. 


Q: Why would I select the standard 9T option? 

If you are a stronger rider or typically use higher inflation pressures and like more top end speed, select the 9T option. 


Q: Will the 12T High Toque Winding reduce my range?

The range should be about the same for a given speed or power output setting. 


Q: How fast will the 12T high Torque Winding go at full speed? 

The speed will be reduced to about 25-26mph which is quite fast already. This depends on your tire pressure and some other factors. . However we will do more conclusive test so customers will get a better idea of how fast the bike can go.