Pedal Sensor / Torque + Cadence Sensor

Pedal Sensor / Torque + Cadence Sensor

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Dual cadence and torque sensor hardware for Current-Series E-bikes. Frame-mounted rear dropout torque sensor. Made from a CNC milled block of 7000-Series Aluminum. Built-in high sensitivity digitally processed cadence sensor for zero-lag startup and improved noise filtered torque sensing over bumps.
Eliminates the need for right and left torque sensing as it directly measures chain tension. This sensor is much easier to service than bottom bracket torque sensors.
Key Features:
  • Accurate right and left side torque sensor with integrated cadence sensor module
  • High Definition 104 magnetic poles per revolution. 
  • Waterproof design
  • Intergrated derailleur hanger
  • 7000-series CNC Aluminum
  • Can be serviced without removing the rear wheel 

Compatible with the following e-bikes:

How to change the torque sensor: See page

 FAQs relating to the Torque + Cadence Sensor:

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