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Prowheel 56T Crankset

Prowheel 56T Crankset

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The new class 3 e-bikes can travel at speeds of 28 mph. The old regulation only allowed 20 mph. This increase in speed means your pedal cadence needs to be much higher to keep up with the bike. 

To compensate for this effect, all of our 28mph Class 3 bikes have the highest standard gear ratio available. That is 52T front chainring and 11T rear cog. This reduces the chance that you will need to "hamster wheel" at higher speeds. 

However, for some riders, this ratio may not be enough. Because 11T is the smallest rear cog available, the only solution is to increase the front chainring. 

We have found and made available a special 56T front chainring. This will significantly reduce the pedal cadence so you can pedal easier at higher speeds. 

  • Massive 56-tooth chainring 

  • 170 mm crank arms (does not effect the fit)

  • Compatible with CrossCurrent AIR, CrossCurrent and CrossCurrent S

  • Outer ring is CNC cut from one solid piece of Aluminum for added rigidity.  

Who is this for? If you find the pedal cadence too fast for your legs to keep up with the bike, this larger crank will improve your ride experience. The larger crank will not effect the motor's electrical performance in any way. 


The 56T crank is a standard square-taper type crank. The arm length of 170 mm or 175 mm will not effect the compatibility. Most bike shops can pull and swap the crank, but you can easily do it yourself if you have a crank puller tool


Installing the crank: