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Crank Removal Tool Kit

Crank Removal Tool Kit

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It is nearly impossible to remove the crank arm from the bottom bracket without the proper tools. We have put together a complete toolkit with everything you need to remove and install the crank. 

The kit costs less than one crank change service at a local bicycle shop and you will have all the tools needed for a lifetime of e-bike use.

These are the exact tools used by Juiced E-Bike Technicians to perform quality service on all of our rear hub motor e-bikes. 

  • Works with all cranks found on Juiced Bikes
  • Used by Juiced Bikes Techs
  • Lifetime warranty against defects

    With this kit, you will be able to perform the following service operations:

    • Removing the front crank
    • Installing the front crank
    Each Kit Includes: 
    • Crank Arm Removal Tool
    • 16 mm Wrench
    • 8 mm Hex Tool