The RipCurrent S arrives in Class 2 mode. 

In this mode the e-bike behaves in the following way:

  • Motor power is 750 Watts
  • Pedal assist is limited to 20 mph
  • Throttle is limited to 20 mph

The e-bike is capable of being unlocked to reach class 3 mode (28 mph) using the pedal assist where allowed. It can also be set to "Off Road" mode where. The top speed will be only limited by the power available to the motor and the rider’s own power input.

In all instances the throttle is limited to 20mph.

Follow the instructions below to adjust the top speed of your e-bike directly from the LCD display. 

Link: Adjusting the e-bike’s top speed from the LCD display (PDF)


More information about e-bike classifications 


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