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Compared: CrossCurrent vs. CrossCurrent AIR

Basic Overview: 

2015: CrossCurrent 

The CrossCurrent was launched in 2015. It was a revolutionary product featuring a 28 mph top speed, Hydraulic disc brakes and a world-class riding experience thanks to the advanced proportional torque sensor. The build quality, performance and features could only be found on bikes costing twice as much. 

2017: CrossCurrent AIR 

The CrossCurrent AIR is a lower cost version of our popular CrossCurrent e-bike. The "AIR" as it's known, Has the same great assist system as the CrossCurrent, but with carefully selected components to reach a new wave of e-bike customers, while maintaining the ability to upgrade every feature on the bike to meet or exceed the expectation of the most demanding e-bike enthusiast. 

So what's different? 

The 2 bikes have the same electronics system and share nearly the same frame design. You can consider the CrossCurrent as a upgraded AIR. 

The CrossCurrent compared with the AIR has: 

  • Upgraded Suspension Fork: Improved ride over bumpy roads

  • Upgraded Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Improved stopping power

  • Upgraded Torque Sensor: Smoother pedal assist for demanding riders

  • Upgraded 9-Speed Shimano Alivo Transmission: Higher-end Shimano shifter

  • Upgraded Touch Points: Seat, pedals, grips and a few other parts are higher-end

All the parts that are compatible on the CrossCurrent work with the AIR as they are built on basically the same platform. 

Below is the spec sheet highlighting the differences between the two bikes: