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CrossCurrent S (Preview) - Performance Commuter E-Bike

We interviewed our customers and have heard what you're looking for. We researched exactly how our bikes are being used in the real world. We studied every product on the market and visited all of our key suppliers. We set the performance targets sky high and demanded only the highest value and the highest performance components available today.

We drew from 8 years of e-bike manufacturing experience to conceive the most complete e-bike commuter ever. On top of this we optimized every aspect of our operation to bring this product to market at an affordable price.

The result is a more capable vehicle, built on the game changing CrossCurrent platform and re-focused on the task of e-bike commuting.

The CrossCurrent S is in production and will arrive August 10th 2017.

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Below are the specifications* of the shipping units. 





*Specification subject to change