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Grin Tech Cycle Satiator Programmable Fast Charger

Grin Tech Cycle Satiator Programmable Fast Charger

$ 395.00

For faster/cheaper service, order direct from Grin Technologies HERE. Choose "3 to 4 pin XLR" adapter cable and "(13s) Lithium" charge profile set.

Compatible with Super Extended Range 17.4 Ah and Hyper Extended Range 21.0 Ah battery packs for CrossCurrent, CrossCurrent AIR, OceanCurrent, and HyperFat electric bicycles

Also compatible with all U500/U350 models

- Fast Charging up to 40% faster than the stock Charger

- 80% Partial charge setting for extending battery cycle life

- 50% Storage charge setting 

- Graphical LCD that actually GRAPHS

- No Fan - Zero noise!

- Thermally managed design

- Water and vibration resistant

- Programmable and firmware upgradable with a PC or MAC

- 4-Pin XLR connector cable included