We started production on the CrossCurrent frames



Throttle or no Throttle? The Solution: Adapt!

The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent is a Class 3 e-bike that takes advantage of the new CA law which allows electric assisted boost up to 28mph if the throttle is NOT used. I don't think people yet understand how ridiculously awesome that new law is for e-bikes in the USA.

A little backstory: 

At Juiced, we believe true "pedal assist" can only be achieved with a proper torque sensor AND speed sensor. The CrossCurrent (internally known as the "LCC") started out as a platform for us to quickly test various different torque sensors for our ODK Utility e-bikes. It soon became our go-to weekend toy with the ability to blast around at 30 mph while truly getting a stress-relieving workout which is counter-intuitive, but absolutely real. 

Then there was a rumor of a new law that would allow up to 28 mph top speed if the throttle was NOT used. Suddenly the CrossCurrent went from a "tool" to a product worth going into production.

We know that some states have yet to allow "class 3" e-bikes and have limits of 20 mph. In developing the CC platform we have taken into consideration any possible eventuality which politicians might throw at us. 

Our entry into this new e-bike category has multiple control interfaces which can run in Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 modes without hacking the bike which would make it impossible for us to warranty the product. 

 Production displays with and without SPORT mode


Here is how it works: 

Class 3: 28 mph limit with pedal assist

- The CC comes standard in this configuration, it can achieve 28mph with torque-based pedal assist as the battery is already 48 V and we use a speed-winding motor. 

Class 2: 20 mph limit with throttle and pedal assist

- The CC has the ability to use the throttle with an optional wire harness and a half-twist throttle. The controller automatically recognizes the throttle and the limit is put at 20 mph. You still have butter-smooth torque-based pedal assist up to 20 mph. 

Class 1: 20 mph limit with pedal assist

- We have developed a display which will be ready at launch that does not have the SPORT mode. Basically you just easily swap out the display and boom... the bike goes from Class 3 to Class 1. The controller automatically recognizes the Class 1 display and the speed limit is set to 20 mph with pedal assist only.

So to recap: 

The CrossCurrent ships as a Class 3 e-bike with 28 mph top speed right out of the box - which is what everyone wants anyway. You will have the option to get a Class 1 display and/or a throttle, but the limit by law must be then set to 20 mph as long as the Class 1 display is used. 


Juiced Bikes online shop goes live!


New Year, New Name: Juiced Bikes

"Juiced Riders Electric Bikes" is now "Juiced Bikes" 

Along with a new name comes a new logo...



And a new web address...



And a new headquarters location...

Juiced Bikes
1085 Bay Blvd, Ste B
Chula Vista, CA 91911
Tel: 619-746-8877



More to come from Juiced Bikes in 2016 and beyond!





Juiced Riders featured in the July 2015 issue of the Bicycle Retailer Magazine


Tektro Dorado HD-E710 (HD-E715) Brake pads available from Amazon. 

The Tektro Dorado (HD-E715) brake system provides the highest level of braking performance available for e-bikes. A growing number of high performance e-bike use this brake. Replacement pad availability was difficult to find until now

We have ordered a bunch of replacement pads (D40.11) and made them available online through Amazon Prime. You can get them faster and with free shipping through Amazon's streamlined fulfillment system. 

Order Now


A look at how we road test our bikes. 

We test U500 E-bike up a 3,000ft climb and extreme wet for over 2.5 hours on a single charge. The bike made the trip with charge to spare.
It is one of the many “Double Dragon Cave” climbs we make to test the durability of the bikes in difficult conditions. Lab testing is important, but nothing can replace testing in the field. 
This uncut video shows a stock bike, but with a few new parts being tested. This bike returned to the factory and taken apart to look for ways to improve the product. We take quality and reliability very seriously. 



Largest battery capacity on the E-bike market! Yes, we checked…

Nothing will wipe the “e-bike grin” off your face faster than a flat battery. It's just simple math:

More battery capacity = More range and more fun!

The U500 (ODK V3) has the largest battery capacity of any street-legal e-bike. And not by a small margin.  

We calculated the Watt-Hour battery capacity of EVERY e-bike on the U.S. market. 231 different models were included. 

The results are dramatically illustrated below:

[Zoom in] 

[Contact us to have your bike added to the database]


Juiced Riders ODK U500 (V3) Now Shipping!


New orange clear-coat option.

It has been very challenging to ramp up production, but we are finally ready to ship more ODK U500 Utility Electric Bikes. 

The car-replacement e-bike category is very demanding on the product. Our quality and performance requirements go way beyond anything our suppliers have been asked to produce in the past.

Here is a quick look behind the scenes:  



 Vimeo / Youtube

The bikes are in stock at our San Diego, CA warehouse. We also have the new custom front baskets and Cycle Analyst adaptor cables. 

The bikes are $3,199 each and we have a special offer for FREE SHIPPING until Sep 1st, 2014.

Contact your Local Dealer or Shop Online


Video overview of the ODK Version 3 posted online

Practical Cycles has posted a nice video overview of our latest bike. The video is posted below. 


Obsessing over every detail: Scaling things up. 

Taking flight: As we move toward larger production volumes, every little detail becomes critical. There is a lot of coordination needed with our suppliers so the final product can go together smoothly. But the first step: Get on the flying bus... 


Back in the office: My remote desk at Luyuan Electric Vehicle Factory one of China's top e-bike makers. 

Luyuan E-Vehicle Factory Museum: The bike that started it all. This one was made around 1997. Our U500 is fundamentally very similar. Now Luyuan pumps out nearly 2 million e-bikes yearly. 


Obsessing over every detail. 


Long meetings to discuss how we can optimize our production. We work to find the bottlenecks that slow down assembly. 


Testing out some prototype accessories and dreaming up some new ones...


We hit the road to visit some suppliers.

A visit to one of our battery suppliers. They are the second largest battery maker in China. They also manufacture roughly half of all the batteries for Apple’s iPad... that part of the facility is strictly off limits.


This is a super clean facility with lots of automated equipment for creating the BMS and packing the battery cells. Unfortunately, some parts could not be photographed. 


The Lithium 18650- sized cells come from Samsung with slight variations. For maximum performance and reliability, cells need to be carefully matched to make a single battery pack. This machine automatically measures and groups cells together. 


The internal bracket system keeps the cells in place and also helps to keep them cool. The U500’s relatively large battery pack is not easy to make. One U500 battery uses 3 to 4 times as many cells as a normal e-bike. Each battery has over 100 cells. We demand the best. 


On the road again: It is best to stay well away from this monster. 


Tianjing E-Bike show is a good sized event. It is something like a Chinese Interbike, but almost all e-bikes and mini cars ...and loud pumping music. 

Luyuan's super booth. Wall-to-Wall LCD this year. 


The booth has a "outer-space" theme complete with Tron-like outfits. 


Walking the floor: Even Honda brands some e-bikes. The Asian, mainly Chinese e-bike market is huge and insanely competitive. It is also very reginal and localized. 

Giant's Momentum sub-brand: A nice looking bike designed to transport a hot cup of gourmet coffee back to your studio apartment. 

Finally some down time. Tianjing’s answer to Shanghai’s Nianjing road. The sky is hazy from smog, but soon China will take the lead in the whole "green" movement. 





Building the perfect front basket

There is no suitable basket that already exist so we must invest the resources to make our own. 


The latest prototype front basket is being tested on our factory runner which has accumulated a few thousand miles over the winter. 

Because the basket mounts to the frame and not the handle bars, The weight will not effect the steering. 


Here with 50lbs in the basket, the bike feels agile. The bike can even balance on the side kickstand without tipping over. 

It is made of stainless steel and powder-coated. The basket mounts perfectly on the ODK V3’s front accessory mount. We have a little more time to make some adjustments before time’s up and we need to start tooling for production. 


2014 Juiced Riders ODK U500 V3’s are now shipping!

Batch testing U500 V3 production bikes. San Diego, CA

Just in time: The 2014 ODK U500s are now shipping!

Thank you for your patience as we carefully work through the pre-orders. 


Juiced Riders eBikeShare in San Francisco

Q: What’s more efficient than driving a 3,000-pound car around and looking for parking? 

A: Riding a 73-pound e-bike and not looking for parking! 

Juiced Riders and A2B can now be rented from San Francisco’s eBikeShare pilot program! 


The first production of ODK V3 e-bikes are on the way!

After a short delay, we are happy to have shipped the first production of our 2014 ODK Utility E-Bikes. The fully assembled bikes stack exactly in the container with only inches to spare for a couple of extra boxes. 

The bikes will arrive to our San Diego location for customization and final inspection before going out to waiting customers. 

Stay tuned for the list of accessories and custom parts!



Bringing the best e-bike to market (Photo Gallery)