Boost Your Beach Day with an E-Bike

Boost Your Beach Day with an E-Bike

The Weekly Squeeze

 In our Summer Exploring Series, we’re showing you some of the ways to amp up your summer adventures with a Juiced e-bike. From camping to surfing and everything in between, your new electric bike will take you as far off the beaten path as you’re willing to go! 

Vibrant shades of orange, red and purple quickly take over the sky. The temperature starts to drop. Foamy whitecaps glow atop the ocean. And people gather on the bluff to catch a glimpse of the sunset. Luckily you rode your e-bike here because you automatically have a seat among the many occupied benches. And just after the sun drops below the horizon – while the sky is still light – throngs of people head for their cars to drive back home. Except for the smart and lucky ones, like you, who traveled to the shore on an electric bike. You don’t retreat, with dread, to a busy parking lot filled with annoyed drivers. Instead, you hop back onto your bike, flip on the headlight, and peacefully zoom back home. 

It's not surprising that residents in and near coastal communities were some of the first to adopt the increasingly popular e-bike lifestyle. No doubt, electric bikes and beaches are a naturally perfect match. Check out 4 of our favorite beach activities and why e-bikes make them easier and more fun!

Juiced Bikes Conquer Beach Electric Bike

Beach Bumming

If you’re just heading to the beach for some swimming, lounging, sunbathing, relaxing or sandcastle building, it’s hard to pack light. And lugging your beach day essentials from a far-away parking spot can be exhausting. But with an e-bike, it doesn’t have to be such an irksome chore! Any bike with a rear rack allows you to bring all your beach towels, shovels and more with you by attaching a crate or pannier bag to the rack. Plus, parking becomes effortless when you can just roll right up to your sandy spot. If you’re going boogie boarding, then you can attach the board to your e-bike via a surfboard rack – leaving both hands free to control the bike.


Of course surfing is incredibly popular along both the west and east coast lines. And thankfully there are surfboard racks built specifically for e-bikes. While the styles may differ, the concept is essentially the same: Holders attach to the bike on one side and extend sideways away from the bike with just enough room to allow you to sit on the bike and pedal. Yet the surfboard rests securely in the holder so you can ride worry- and hassle-free. Driving around Southern California beach towns, you will see these pretty much everywhere. Especially in the morning, when surfers want to hit the waves early. And because the beach parking situation can be dicey from sunrise, carting a surfboard to the water on two wheels is fast and convenient. And it lets you get around any morning commuter traffic with ease. At some beaches, the convenience factor is extra handy. Take the San Onofre State Beach, just a few miles south of San Clemente in southern Orange County. Most surfers heading for the mega-popular Lower Trestles beach need to park a car and then walk about 30 minutes down to the beach – over train tracks and through an area known for being laden with snakes. That long route suddenly seems even longer, right? And it’s slightly uphill coming back, after a strenuous surf session. An e-bike not only takes away the time factor to schlep back up the hill, it also removes the physical burden of carrying the board. Which is why so many surfers there now use e-bikes to get down to the beach and back. If you’re looking to bike to a far-off surf spot, remember to get all-terrain fat tires for your e-bike that can stand up to the rough landscape.

Juiced Bikes Conquer the Beach Electric Bike Go Surfing


Picnicking at the beach can be a remarkably effective de-stresser – whether you’re going with friends, loved ones or even alone. It’s therapeutic enough listening to the crashing waves, soaking in some sun, and resting your feet in the sand. But add in your favorite  snacks, and you have perhaps the most scenic dining experience in town. Plus it’s a great place to people-watch. A crate, backpack or basket on an e-bike will meet all of your beach picnic needs, easily transporting your food and drinks. And if you use plastic plates, cups, bottles and utensils, you can toss them afterward into one of the many recycle bins at the beach – lightening your load for the journey back home.

Rides Along The Coast

The most popular intersection of e-bikes and beaches comes along the boardwalks and Pacific Coast Highway, in Southern California, where thousands of bikers ride daily. The views are spectacular, the weather is cooler, and the breezes feel great. Plus the wind factor will not affect your ability to ride an e-bike with its motor assistance. In some cases, rides along the boardwalk provide a car-free way to get down to the ocean and back without ever encountering cars. Riding e-bikes along the coast also gives you a quick and easy way to jump from one cool beach town to another, without using even one drop of fuel in your car. Just remember to charge your battery before leaving home, and bring a lock if you’re planning on walking, dining or shopping your way through the various beach towns once you arrive.

Juiced Bikes Conquer the Beach Electric Bike Ride Along the Coast

Ready to boost your beach ride with an electric bike for the final weeks of summer? From picnicking, to surfing, to coastal trail riding and beach lounging, Juiced has the perfect e-bike for every rider! Check out our full line of high-performance fat-tire e-bikes; the ultimate accessory for all your summer adventures!
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